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'Below Deck' stew Camille Lamb dubbed 'problematic narcissist,' fans say 'ready for her to leave'

'Too many chances. Camille will never change. Cut her loose,' tweeted a fan
'Below Deck' Season 10 star Camille (Bravo)
'Below Deck' Season 10 star Camille (Bravo)

SAINT LUCIA, WEST INDIES: Is there something wrong with deck stew Camille Lamb? That's what 'Below Deck' Season 10 fans have been thinking after the release of Episode 7. Camille is seen doing work the least. Instead of helping out people, she is often seen saying a direct "no" to most of the work. 

Alissa Humber notices Camille not taking part in any of the work. She says, "she stays there with her little beau, enjoy the day..." Alissa hinted toward saying that Camille makes out her time to chill with Ben but not for deck's work. In the recently released episode, we saw Camille and Alissa landing into a feud as Alissa said that she will be taking Camille's not working matter to Captain Sandy. Alissa says to Camille, "you have an attitude with everybody and that's why everybody had an issue with you." Well, it seems fans are on Alissa's side in this feud. 'Below Deck's viewers are slamming Camille on the internet for 'playing the victim.' Seeing Camille not change her attitude, fans ask Bravo to eliminate her as she has had too many chances.


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'Below Deck' Season 10 star Alissa (Bravo)
'Below Deck' Season 10 star Alissa (Bravo)

A fan claimed on Twitter, "Camille is simply the worst." Another noticed Camille's attitude and claimed, "Camille takes a swim instead of working. Takes time and cuddles at the beach for a while. She finally comes back to the boat Alissa tells her iron she has a fit. It's called doing your job Camille." Another wrote, "I only hear one stew screaming ALL the freaking time, Camille. This vile, problematic narcissist needs to EXIT the stage. Like nowww." Furthermore, a fan asked the channel, "Too many chances. Camille will never change. Cut her loose." 





'Below Deck' Season 10 star Camille and Alissa (Bravo)
'Below Deck' Season 10 star Camille and Alissa (Bravo)

Moreover, a fan compared Camille with a younger 'Real Housewives' star, saying, "Camille from Below Deck, looks like a younger version of Caroline Stanberry from the Real Housewives of Dubai. They could be twins!!" Another slammed 'Below Deck' star, "Ok throw this Camille b***h overboard. She's horrible. She hasn't got a clue about how to be professional. Nasty little witch." "Camille is just a weirdo and I love it for us and our show," wrote another. A fan slammed Camille, "Camille seems like the type of person to be a b***h and then cry and play victim that people are bullying her. Ready for her to leave!!!"





'Below Deck' Season 10 airs every Monday at 8 pm ET on Bravo, with new episodes airing the following day on Peacock.

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