Is Brandy's song 'Bye BiPolar' about mental health? Fan favorite tune from new album B7 goes beyond that

Brandy's 'Bye Bipolar' gets a whole lot of love on the internet, but the song isn't about her own disorder

                            Is Brandy's song 'Bye BiPolar' about mental health? Fan favorite tune from new album B7 goes beyond that
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After the release of her new album 'B7', Brandy Norwood began trending on social media with several of the album's tracks getting a lot of praise. One particular track 'Bye BiPolar' is getting a lot of love but its meaning has been slightly misinterpreted. 'B7' marks a glorious comeback for Norwood, who is better known by her mononym Brandy, as the album is her first major project in eight years. Fans have truly waited a long time for a new studio album, or even a single release, after her sixth studio album 'Two Eleven' released in 2012.

Production for her latest full-length began back in 2018, but the 'Angel in Disguise' singer wanted to ensure that 'B7' reflected her own "authentic experiences." With that said, some fans are confused by the song's meaning. "Wait so 'Bye Bipolar' is trending.... Does @4everBrandy even have Bipolar Disorder? Asking for millions of my friends. *shrugs*" said one fan while another wrote, "I see Bye Bipolar is trending and thought, we saying bye to mental illness? F**king finally damn."

Brandy attends Black Girls Rock 2019 Hosted By Niecy Nash at NJPAC on August 25, 2019, in Newark, New Jersey (Getty Images)

Though Brandy explained her track and the use of the word bipolar is a metaphor for her love life, the singer knows about battling mental health issues and has a few things she wants others to know about the struggle as well. According to Its media Lodge, Brandy has explained that the track and usage of the word bipolar is a metaphor for her love life. Before diving deeper, take into account the following lyrics:

"Bye bye bye bipolar. I don’t really want no more disorder / Pretty boy in love got both shoulders colder / Cuz you strung me like thread I was damn near dead / And you f**ked with my head like lead, Russian roulette / And I cried and cried and cried and cried and cried / Died and died and died and died alive / Lied and lied and lied / And now I'm high as a kite / Soar"

Singer Brandy attends the 'BET Her Fights Breast Cancer' special event at Riverside Epicenter on September 20, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia (Getty Images)

In the lyrics, it is clear there are two parties involved. Rather than an introspective look with the bipolar disorder itself as her enemy, the song is a transition from taking the blame with her mental struggles into being free of it and realizing it all stemmed from the treatment of her "pretty boy" partner. It is emotional for sure, but the "soar" at the end signifies her mind now flies above her previous mental afflictions.













Brandy has also explained that she doesn't harbor any judgment toward those who suffer from the disorder, but added that, “People need to understand that it’s very real and it’s not something that you judge. She said, "We judge things and we don’t have enough compassion. We don’t have enough love, we don’t have enough understanding. Sometimes I feel like we look at things as just something to talk about, as just news."

Fans are also in love and "in tears" over the new track saying, "Lord brandy puts her all in EVERY note....bye bipolar is perfection...its too much #B7" and "“Bye Bipolar”: Way to end an album. Well done." One fan said, "Bye Bipolar just took me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @4everBrandy thank you." Read our review on Brandy's 'B7' here.

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