‘Boycott Sandals’: Resort chain faces backlash after Internet finds out they sponsor Sean Hannity's Fox show

Sandal Resorts earlier sponsored shows like ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ whose host Tucker Carlson has been bashed by sponsors over his comments on death of George Floyd and BLM protests

                            ‘Boycott Sandals’: Resort chain faces backlash after Internet finds out they sponsor Sean Hannity's Fox show
Sean Hannity (Getty Images)

As the battle for the presidential seat gets more and more cut-throat as we near November, it's not just the politicians that are garnering the limelight. Talk show host, Sean Hannity, who hosts a commentary program, 'Hannity', on Fox News had hit the spotlight after he complained of a doctored video showing his comments against Joe Biden juxtaposed with US President Donald Trump’s speeches. Hannity complained about the video on Saturday, August 15, tweeting that it is “another Deceptive, discredited video circulating on social media”. 



As we reported earlier, the tailored video released by Meidas Touch showed Hannity saying, “I look at a frail guy that if he ever had a slow pitch, seems to be gone. He had this weird, strange, embarrassing public breakdown touting his cognitive fitness. This particular snippet is from an August 7 video posted by Fox News on YouTube, titled: ‘Hannity: Biden doesn't know what city he's in’." The video by MeidasTouch has juxtaposed this particular snippet with footage from Trump walking down the West Point Graduation Ceremony ramp, his interview with Axios and POTUS’ interview with Fox News Anchor Fox anchor Chris Wallace, where he was talking about his cognitive skills by repeating – “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.” Hannity is a known supporter of Trump. As reported in the Los Angeles Times, Hannity, who came to rule Fox during Trump’s administration, has earned a reputation for being “president’s chief media defender”. His unfettered advocacy for Trump is memorialized in the newly launched book titled, ‘Live Free Or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink’.

Sean Hannity attends the 2019 Politicon at Music City Center on October 26, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee (Getty Images )

Now that Hannity has grumbled about the video, indicating his support for the Trump regime, the Internet is doubling down on the sponsors of his show like Sandals Resorts. The resort chain has become an easy target as they have earlier sponsored Fox's shows like ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ whose host Tucker Carlson has earlier been bashed by many sponsors over his comments on the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests. While commercials like Disney, Papa John’s and Poshmark ensured to not feature their commercials in Carlson’s program, some like Sandal Resorts, MyPillow, and Fisher Investments continued to run their ads. However, it seems like after Sandals' sponsoring of Hannity's Fox show, the Internet is ready to “boycott” the resort. “#BoycottSandals is trending number 8 in the United States. America is sending you a powerful message @SandalsResorts. Will you listen?” tweeted Meidas Touch.



“Was hoping for a vacay in a year or so, and was considering a Sandals Resort for a group celebration. No thank you, Sandals, and never in the future," tweeted an infuriated user.


Another customer retorted, “Sandals Resort suck. A bunch of grown adults trying to be 20 again. I would never ever go to one again. Oh and the food sucks too.”



Another pledged to boycott the resort for sponsoring Hannity’s show. “I will boycott sandals now until the end of my life. And unlike Hannity viewers, I still have decades of purchasing power left."



Many are awaiting the response from the resort. “Boycott Sandals we’re all watching for your response Sandals Resort."



Sandals that known to be a favorite with honeymooners and families, it has its 15 luxurious and Caribbean resorts spread in Jamaica, The Bahamas, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua and Saint Lucia among many other places. 

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