Who is the Boulder Store shooter? 10 dead including cop in horrific gunfire live-streamed at King Soopers

Who is the Boulder Store shooter? 10 dead including cop in horrific gunfire live-streamed at King Soopers
Police in Colorado responded Monday afternoon to reports of an active shooter at a grocery store in south Boulder (Getty Images / YouTube)

BOULDER, COLORADO: Terror and tragedy filled the air after an "active shooter" was reported at a King Soopers grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. A man opened gunfire on law enforcement officials after officers responded to the report of someone shot in the parking area, ABC News reported.

Reports are yet to divulge more information but it is believed the suspect allegedly used a long gun, according to sources. A few injuries have been reported but no further details are currently available. Several law enforcement agencies quickly arrived at the scene, including the state SWAT team. "ALERT: Active Shooter at the King Soopers on Table Mesa. AVOID THE AREA. PIO is en-route," the Boulder police department tweeted.



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Police in Colorado responded Monday afternoon to reports of an active shooter at a grocery store in south Boulder (Boulder Police Department)


What happened at Boulder Grocery Store?

With guns drawn, officers rushed to the scene and some windows at the front of the store were broken. Over a loudspeaker, officers said that “you need to surrender.” If local reports are to be believed, six people "including a cop" are believed to have been killed by the shooter at a Colorado grocery store as video captured multiple people lying wounded inside, local outlets reported. Police haven't confirmed the deaths. 

"Media Staging Area is at the intersection of Broadway and Table Mesa. This is still an active scene. Please avoid the area," the police department further said, adding, "Please avoid the area of Table Mesa & Broadway! This is still a very active scene. Do NOT broadcast on social media any tactical information you might see #BoulderShooting."

Former professional basketball player and social media influencer Rex Chapman responded to the tweet with shocked emojis. 





Who is the Boulder Store shooter?

The name of the shooter has not been revealed but a video showed one person being detained by cops. According to reports, he has been identified as a middle-aged man, shirtless and wearing shorts, being led away from the store. Photos also revealed his leg was coated red, seemingly with blood. It is unclear if he was connected to the shooting.

A witness at the scene told CBS Denver that his son-in-law, daughter and grandchildren went to the pharmacy for a COVID-19 vaccine shot and the suspected shooter "shot the woman in front of them." He disclosed they hid in a coat closet for an hour.

Several other Twitter users pointed out that people were recording the incident while others were being shot. "Just glossing over that the woman in front of them was shot. Strange reporting," one tweet read and another said, "Really just saw a video of someone recording at the Boulder shooting and sticking around at the entrance of the supermarket while shots go off inside. Bruh...you don't need to record the dead bodies. Just leave."





‘We need gun reform’ 

Governor Jared Polis wrote, "Like my fellow Coloradans, I am closely watching unfolding events at King Soopers in Boulder. My prayers are with our fellow Coloradans in this time of sadness and grief as we learn more about the extent of the tragedy."


Frightened citizens responded to his tweet with anger and demanded gun control. "This is my neighborhood and I’ll tell you this much I live up the street and I’ve never been so frightened in my life - there has to be gun control !! Boulder residents rise up about gun control. Our grocery workers who helped us during Covid are inside! Videos of bodies!" one tweet read and another said, "We need gun reform."

A third chimed in, "We want a gun-free state!!! Let's be the first!!"





‘He appears to have a bloody leg injury’

Several others expressed shock at the tragedy. Shannon Watts wrote: "Sadly, what’s unfolding in Boulder may happen more frequently when public places/schools reopen; about 50M guns were sold in the past year (on top of nearly 400M already in circulation) - many to new gun owners in states that don’t require permits, background checks, or training."

Saying we must not pay attention to the shooter, Tay Anderson added, "We do not need to give the shooter in Boulder any attention by sharing their name or photo, instead we should wait to hear the facts and wait to find resources to support those impacted."



Many Twitter users shared speculations after the shocking news. "Boulder Police are now identifying the active shooter," one tweet read and another said, "So the apparent Boulder suspect was removed in handcuffs flanked on either side by the police. No choking. No batons. He appears to have a bloody leg injury, which at one point was checked by one of the cops. Just thought I’d point that out. Interesting."




Boulder Grocery Store shooting: Live stream

A live stream link was shared on social media and it led to a lot of misinformation online. "Watching on a live stream it appears this is indeed the shooter of the grocery store in Boulder. Huge smile on his face as he was escorted through the parking lot," one tweet read. Another said, "No, the Boulder shooter is not Sam Hyde. Blaming "Sam Hyde" for acts of mass violence is a hoax that originated on 4chan that resurfaces after every shooting. (Comments are from a YouTube live stream of the scene, lots of "false flag" nonsense in there too.)"

A third pointed out, "I’ve been watching the live stream of the Active Shooter in Boulder, for the full 2+ hours. Dean Schiller of ZFG Videography has stayed with it the whole time. People are saying the shooter has got away and is maybe at a residence up the street." One went on to say, "OMG on the live stream -- They're saying there is a 2nd shooter at Boulder High. Is that what I just heard?"










WARNING: This video is graphic and age-restricted



Soon after law enforcement SWAT teams were dispatched to the market, a witness told KDVR the store was not very crowded at the time of the shooting.

This is a developing story and we will update this space with the latest reports.

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