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‘Bordertown’ Season 3 will explore the evolving professional chemistry between Kari and Lena

The upcoming season of the Finnish series is all set to premiere on Netflix and we take a look at what’s coming
Anu Sinisalo and Ville Virtanen (IMDb)
Anu Sinisalo and Ville Virtanen (IMDb)

Netflix is about to drop the third season of the Finnish original ‘Bordertown’. The YLE original crime drama explores the life of Detective Inspector, Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen). As the main protagonist of the story, the series revolves around him and his family, acquaintances, and the missions he undertakes.

In the earlier two seasons, we learned about Kari’s decision to move to the smaller town of Lappeeranta that sits on the border of Finland and Russia (hence the series is aptly named). But what Kari thought would be a quiet, family life in a small town, turns out to be much more complex than he or his family ever thought.

As the Special Crimes Unit officer, he is teamed up with Lena Jaakkola (Anu Sinisalo). They start off on the wrong foot and with great animosity towards each other, differing in their ways of solving crimes. If Kari is a genius and very unique crime-solving skills, Lena is a deadly agent of Russia’s FSB unit. She has been a soldier and a hitwoman and poses a threat to Kari’s skills as a detective. However, they both are great at solving crimes, only if they keep their enmity at bay.

Throughout the first two seasons, we explored the ups and downs in their working partnership, with Lena finding it difficult to deal with Kari’s unusual and unconventional ways of working, and Kari has been struggling to understand Lena as she is.

The all-new third season will see their professional partnership evolve and become more solid, while they continue to solve more gruesome crimes in the small Finnish town. At the same time, as we had seen earlier, they will also need to deal with the challenges and struggles of their personal life.

The new season will also prove to be a significant one for Kari as he will be forced to rethink his decision of moving to Lappeeranta. With the growing violence in the otherwise peaceful town, Kari needs to reevaluate the situations for his wife and daughter.

While ‘Bordertown’ is essentially a crime procedural with each season following multiple cases, it is also deep-seated in family dynamics and personal relationships, in the signature Nordic noir style.

Most importantly, the upcoming season will also take us on a visually delightful journey of Finland’s winter. The last two seasons were shot in summer, and as the official synopsis of the third season says, “Before Christmas, the family of Kari Sorjonen, a special unit for serious crimes, faces a tragedy that forces Kari to think about what made them move to the border town.”

So, while you wait for new cases and crime-solving adventures of Kari and Lena, be ready to experience the thrill within a cold, dark, wintery Finland.

‘Bordertown’ Season 3 premieres on May 11, only on Netflix.