'Bordertown' Season 3: Fans applaud lack of English dubbing while some critics complain how that's 'Not Good!'

Gory murders, sinister villains and a cinematographic visual treat aside, Bordertown's final season wins fans over for its exclusively Finnish audio. But there are complaints too

                            'Bordertown' Season 3: Fans applaud lack of English dubbing while some critics complain how that's 'Not Good!'
Ville Virtanen as Kari (middle) (Netflix)

Spoilers for season 3

'Bordertown' fans, it is finally time! The third and final season of the Finnish procedural is finally out on Netflix and by the looks of it, fans' anticipation has built up and toppled over the edge to find out just what happens to gifted detective Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen) and his daughter Janina (Olivia Ainali) as they reel in the ever complicating diagnosis of Kari's wife Pauliina's (Matleena Kuusniemi) brain tumor.

Considering this is the final season, Netflix wasn't messing around and brought out the big guns right at the get-go, with a devastating death panned out over the first of its ten hour-long episodes. But life goes on for Kari, and with murders getting more twisted, darker, and gruesome, fans are not only at the edge of their seats for what the final season presents but also have certain accolades and demands to throw the streaming network's way for this season's audio. 

For starters, some fans found the Finnish audio with no English dubbing, or any other language for that matter, pleasant. "I believe Netflix launched new Bordertown season AND IT IS NOT DUBBED!!" enthused a fan on Twitter, while another chimed in screaming in bliss: "AAAAAAHHH finally it's here and it's only in Finnish. What a time!!" 

From fans applauding the show in all its Finnish glory to them announcing, "'Bordertown’ Season 3 Just dropped and I’ll see you on the other side," most of them remarked: "Just discovered series 3 of Bordertown on Netflix - that’s our next Lockdown Bingewatch right there!" 

Ville Virtanen as Kari, Matleena Kuusniemi as Pauliina (Netflix)

And while some fans announced, "My favorite show is back I'm so effing excited ! kari sorjonen u have been missed", others were just sad that they are "not even ready for this. So sad Paullina died." Yep, that happens right at the get go. Don't say we didn't warn you about major spoilers!

But as we progress through Kari's murky past and even more complex present, inching closer towards divulging why the unique detective is riddled with such signature quirks, some fans found technical aspects of the show to complain about.

Like, once again, the audio. "Why is bordertown season 3 in subtitles unlike 1&2!?! Ugh!!! Not good!!" complained a critic, while another added: "Hey Netflix when r u releasing english audio of BORDERTOWN TV series.. i will wait."

But more or less, with plenty of compliments being poured at the excellent cinematography in the backdrop of Finnish winter, fans found themselves recommending to their followers "It's the return of bordertown season three and honestly it does not require any further comment!"

In short: what are you waiting for? Please catch all three seasons of 'Bordertown' streaming only on Netflix. 

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