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‘Bordertown’ Season 3: Fans believe the plotlines have been repetitive and similar to earlier seasons

As the third and final season of the Finnish crime thriller explores a new set of murders and crimes, fans think they are similar to what they had seen earlier
Sampo Sarkola and Ville Virtanen (IMDb)
Sampo Sarkola and Ville Virtanen (IMDb)

Spoilers for ‘Bordertown’ Season 3

Netflix just dropped the final and third season of ‘Bordertown’ and it appears that the all new 10 episodes have not resonated well with the audience.

The latest season of the Finnish crime drama thriller takes off from where it left in the second season and explores Kari Sorjonen’s (Ville Virtanen) fight to save the town of Lappeeranta from his longtime nemesis, Lasse Maasalo (Sampo Sarkola). In the process of stopping Maasalo from outwitting him, Kari and his SCU (Special Crimes Unit) go through a series of grisly murders and heinous crimes that shake up the town and the lives of its people.

But with each incident and crime, fans think that they are quite similar to what they had seen earlier in the previous two seasons. As they tuned in to the streaming service and started watching, fans took to Twitter and shared their opinions.

One fan comments, “I started the 3rd temp of Bordertown and at the end of the first episode, I found it similar to any other I've watched.” Another one responds to the above saying, “Yes, I know, but the first ep left me confused because there was a case that appeared that it seems that I had seen in the previous eps.”

Although this time around, there were a whole new set of incidents happening across the town, they seemed like they have happened before. Even the interactions between Kari and his sworn enemy, Maasalo were akin to previous instances. “I swore I had already seen the third season of #bordertown eps look the same. Anyone else following?” complained a fan.

“You know I started it, but it didn't catch me and I gave it up after 3 episodes”, replies another. Adding to the repetitiveness of the plotlines, some fans also thought that Kari’s character was a little “over the top” and the narrative was a slow burn, which might not resonate well with everyone. “Yes, they are basically slow. it will also be for the main character who is over the top”, comments a fan.

To this, another says, “I think so too. Sorjonen is over the top, perfect expression for him.” So far, the show has mixed reviews from audience from different parts of the world. You can catch up on the previous seasons and find out how far these fans are right and join the conversation on Twitter.

‘Bordertown’ Season 3 is currently streaming on Netflix.