Boosie Badazz says Lil Nas X should ‘commit suicide’, deletes tweet after facing heat

Nas X took to his Twitter saying he has never been so 'mortified' in his life. He also placed a Halloween joke in the end

                            Boosie Badazz says Lil Nas X should ‘commit suicide’, deletes tweet after facing heat
Boosie Badazz and Lil Nas X (Photos by Twitter @BOOSIEOFFICIAL/[email protected])

Boosie Badazz has called out Lil Nas X on a number of occasions this year and the rapper was at it again after the latter in his Instagram Live session joked that he had a song coming out with him. Boosie clearly got pissed with Nas X’s joke as he went on a volatile homophobic rant before ultimately deleting the post.

Both Boosie Badazz and Lil Nas X got the Internet talking as social media users picked their sides. In his now-deleted homophobic tweet, the 38-year-old rapper suggested Lil Nas X that he would do a favor if he committed suicide. Nas X then took to his Twitter saying he had never been so “mortified” in his life. He also placed a Halloween joke in the end. The tweet with the homophobic attack was deleted as it violated Twitter policies. Boosie already got his Instagram account banned twice.
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Lil Boosie appears onstage during a taping of MTV's Sucker Free at MTV studios in Times Square on January 23, 2007 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)


Why did Boosie Badazz call out Lil Nas X again?

Lil Nas X in his Instagram Live video joked about collaborating with Boosie that irked the Louisiana native. He had said, "I been working on this song with Lil Boosie, bro. I have this song with Lil Boosie, gonna come out,“ as reported by the Instagram page of The Shade Room. This apparently pissed off Boosie as he went on a homophobic rant on Saturday, October 23 tweeting, “Stop trolling me fa**ot lol!! u a whole bi**h playing with a gangsta smh u can keep sucking d**k n gettin f**ked n you’re a**n peace n #uhateyourself i would too if i was you lol nasx if you #commitsuicide you would do this world a huge favor nobody wants u here.” After deleting this tweet, he later posted another tweet saying, “#thinkaboutit NOBODY WANTS U HERE!!”  along with a funny video mocking Nas X in a different post.

Lil Nas X then decided to revert to Boosie’s remarks saying, “I am truly saddened. i have never been so mortified in my life. i can’t believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire October.” In July this year, Boosie had defended DaBaby's homophobic comments at Rolling Loud Miami and called Lil Nas X "the most disrespectful mother**ker in the world."  He later had said, “If I’m at the awards and he go up there naked, I’ma drag his a** offstage and beat his a**” after Lil Nas X joked that he and Jack Harlow would perform their song ‘Industry Baby’ in their birthday suits at the VMAs.”











‘Lil Nas X may be problematic, but this is going way past the limit’

Boosie Badazz’s latest stunt divided the Internet again as a few claimed that Lil Nas X set him up to get him canceled whereas, others felt Nas X did not deserve this at all. “He tryna set boosie up to get canceled duh”, claimed one Boosie fan as another posted, “Rapping about murder and saying the N word in every verse is great, but homophobic slurs is the line.”
One user tweeted, “Boosie fell for the bait, Lil NX was tryn'a get him cancelled by starting this and he fell for it.” Whereas, another stated, “You may hate lil nas x but he didn’t deserved this.” The next one added, “lil nas x may be problematic, but this is going way past the limit.” One individual asserted, “Boosie’s Face vomiting obsession with Lil Nas X is getting out of hand, why is he mad?” And, one mentioned, “Boosie is mad that he doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin to come out. lil nas didn’t deserve that.” Another user concluded, “Can't wait for Boosie to come out of the closet... This hate, feels directed to himself tbh, like you must've lived with these emotions for so damn long in order to even think of something like this.”


















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