Boosie Badazz rant on Lil Nas X NAKED videos backfires, trolls dub him 'obsessed'

Boosie double-downed on his homophobic comments against Lil Nas X and gay rappers, saying they're pushing homosexuality on impressionable kids

                            Boosie Badazz rant on Lil Nas X NAKED videos backfires, trolls dub him 'obsessed'
Boosie Badazz doubles down on homophobic comments about Lil Nas X in 'Breakfast Club' interview (Breakfast Club/YouTube/@lilnasx Instagram)

The 'Breakfast Club' interviewed problematic rapper Boosie Badazz on Monday, August 23 morning, where he appeared to double down on his homophobic comments made earlier this month. He launched an attack at Lil Nas X saying he and rappers like him are pushing homosexuality on their biggest fanbase - the kids. Charlamagne confronted him at one point saying rappers have traditionally shown off their guns, rapped about doing explicit things to women amongst other questionable things and how is that okay but gay rappers expressing themselves isn't. The Internet mirrored the sentiments of the hosts and hit back at Boosie for being a hypocrite. 

Last month, Lil Nas X danced naked in a prison show in the video for his track 'Industry Baby'. Around the same time, DaBaby made homophobic comments during his Rolling Loud performance which has resulted in him being boycotted from major festivals and getting backlash from fans and peers alike. Three days after DaBaby's RL performance, Boosie went live on Instagram (July 28) defending the 'Levitating' rapper. He expressed his displeasure over people trying to cancel DaBaby but not Lil Nas X who had jokingly tweeted on July 24 that he and Jack Harlow would perform their collaborative track 'Industry Baby' naked for charity at the VMAs.


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Lil Nas X is pushing homosexuality on kids says Boosie 

"I really get offended when it was like he said he would go up there and perform naked in front of all people and I was like all these straight people in the world, all these millions of kids gonna watch this and no straight rapper gonna say aye nah nah [N-word] we don't want you on the TV," Boosie said. "No I am just saying if you got your kids watching TV and you trying to raise a strong young Black man, would you be cool with your kids sitting there and watching it?" he pressed Charlamagne on the matter asking if he was okay with his kids watching Nas take off his clothes. 

Boosie raised an issue with rappers supporting Nas and other gay artists saying this was affecting the kids from the generation who wish to make a name for themselves in the rap world. Boosie highlighted how he copied all rappers while growing up and how it hasn't changed much for the kids who try to emulate their idols, alluding to the point that Nas was pushing homosexuality on the new-gen kids. People on the Internet did not agree and clapped back at Boosie saying he was obsessed with Nas and confused about his own sexuality at the same time. 

"I don’t know if Boosie is just that ignorant or if there’s some internal battle with his own sexuality but he’s always the first Rapper to speak up about everything Lil Nas X does. He’s obsessed," a Twitter user noted. "I AM CONVINCED that Boosie got secrets in his browsing history, & a Lil Nas X silicone torso in the back of his closet! NO MAN is this obsessed with gay sex unless they want to try it...or they already have!" wrote another. "Why does Boosie keep speaking on lil nas x goddamn talk about obsessed," tweeted another fan. "At this point I hope Lil Nas X has security and a few firearms cuz at this point Boosie is psychotically obsessed with him. It’s not even getting weird, it’s BEEN weird," another tweet read. 





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