'Book of Love': 5 things to know about Amazon Prime romcom movie

'Book of Love': 5 things to know about Amazon Prime romcom movie
'Book of Love' poster (IMDb)

Amazon Prime Video has acquired rights to the romantic comedy, 'Book of Love.' The streaming channel is now all set to release the rom-com movie close to the approaching Valentine's Day. 

'Book of Love' is the story of Henry, a writer whose most recent novel is an utter failure. But the book has its sudden hit in Mexico, for which publishers have invited the writer to the country for promoting it on tour. Henry meets the love of his life Maria eventually but they go through many ups and downs. Will they be able to manage to make their love life successful and happening? If you are curious to know more about the upcoming Amazon Prime Video movie, then read on. 


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When will 'Book of Love' release and where can you watch it? 

'Book of Love' will air on February 4, 2022. You can watch the upcoming movie on Amazon Prime Video

What is 'Book of Love' all about?

The official synopsis reads, "Young, uptight and unsuccessful English writer Henry's novel sells to no one. But when his book is suddenly a surprise hit in Mexico, his publicist insists he travels there on a promotional tour. Upon arrival, a confused Henry discovers the reason behind his novel's popularity - Mexican translator Maria has rewritten his dull book as a steamy erotic novel. Henry, furious, and Maria, reluctant, must now travel together on a book tour across Mexico. But, as tempers flair and sparks begin to fly, the two begin to find love and lust despite themselves."

Who stars in 'Book of Love'?

The upcoming movie will feature Sam Claflin along with Veronica Echegui, Fernando Becerril, Ruy Gaytan, Horacio Villalobos, Lucy Punch, Edward Gurrola, and Melissa Pino. 

Sam Claflin 

Sam Claflin has marked his appearance in two award-winning series, including 'The Pillars of the Earth'  and 'Any Human Heart.' Other works include 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' and 'Jack in White Heat.'



Analeine Cal y Mayor directs the upcoming movie, and the writers for the upcoming movie are Analeine Cal y Mayor himself, along with David Quantick.



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