'Body Parts': 5 things you need to know about the upcoming medical reality show on TLC

'Body Parts': 5 things you need to know about the upcoming medical reality show on TLC
A glimpse from 'Body Parts' (TLC)

If you are one who loves to binge on TLC's medical reality shows, here's good news for you. The channel is all set to launch a unique show titled 'Body Parts,' and the first looks are promising, to say the least.

The upcoming TLC show will follow some of the worst cases taken on by anaplastologist Allison Vest. The talented doctor has mastered the art of making state-of the-art prosthetics for her differently-abled patients who often present with missing hands, ears, and even noses. Sneak peeks show at least four people who come to the doc after having lost body parts due to various reasons like dog attack and severe pneumonia. Vest's prosthetics are so realistic that patients often marvel over the accuracy of the skin color and the hair and vein replacement on the custom products.


The series will add to TLC's already impressive repertoire of popular shows like 'Dr Pimple Popper', 'Unexpected', and 'Outdaughtered.' Read on to know more about 'Body Parts'.



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When will 'Body Parts' be released, and where can you watch it? 

'Body Parts' will air on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. You can watch the upcoming show on TLC.


What is 'Body Parts' all about?

'Body Parts' is expected to be an extreme, heart-palpitating medical program. The preview clip shows the different stories of at least four unique patients who will be appearing on the show. These include Ari Stojsik, who is seeking an ear prosthetic, and Jay Jaszkowski, who wants a nose prosthetic before he fully submerges himself in the dating pool once again. There is also Victoria Mugo, who wants prosthetic hands after losing her own to septic shock, and Ian Bohnner, who turned to Vest to make him a prosthetic eye, according to People.


The official synopsis of the show reads, "anaplastologist Allison Vest shares the most devastating cases of patients who have lost major body parts, giving them a second chance by creating prosthetics to help restore their lives."

Who stars in 'Body Parts'?

The upcoming show will feature anaplastologist Allison Vest. 

Allison Vest 

Allison Vest is the owner of Mosaica Prosthetics, located in McKinney, Texas. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been working in the prosthetics field for the past 17 years. Vest admitted that she landed in anaplastology almost by coincidence. Now she will be seen on one of the biggest channels with a new and unique show.


Allison Vest (YouTube)




The show is produced by Lucky Dog Films.




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