'Bob Hearts Abishola' Episode 13: Dele comes clean to mom about his dreams, impresses her with his dance moves

'Bob Hearts Abishola' Episode 13: Dele comes clean to mom about his dreams, impresses her with his dance moves
Folake Olowofoyeku as Abishola and Travis Wolfe Jr as Dele (CBS)

As an immigrant parent on 'Bob Hearts Abishola', Abishola is certainly recognizable: She wants her son, Dele, to work hard and become a doctor. However, Dele has a different dream; he wants to be a choreographer.

In this week's episode, Bob speaks to Dele when he comes to pick Abishola up for a date. Based on his interaction, he believes that Dele is unhappy and when he suggests Abishola to look into it, she gets upset. Everyone — from Uncle Tunde to his own mother, Dottie — agree that Bob messed up in trying to tell Abishola on how to parent.

Nevertheless, Abishola tries to talk to Dele anyway, asking him if he is happy. But she speaks to him in a way that Dele is uncomfortable, telling her how he really feels. This could be why Dele snuck out of the house through the fire escape.

While Tunde, Olu and Abishola go around looking for him, Dele shows up at Bob's house and asks him advice on how to tell his mother that he wants to be a dancer. Though Bob thinks it's smart not to interfere again, he still watches Dele's video and praises his dancing skills.


Later, Abishola comes over when Bob calls her and she watches Dele's video as well. While it looks like Abishola is impressed by her son's choreography, she still insists on him becoming a doctor. 

However, with Bob's influence and the longer she sees how happy dancing makes Dele, there is hope yet that Abishola might let the boy do his thing.

This episode made fans certain of a couple of things — they think Dele is indeed a good dancer, but more importantly, they want Bob to become his stepfather. One fan tweeted, "He is a really good dancer he could have a career #bobheartsabishola."

Another wrote, "I really liked Dele and Bob’s heart to heart discussion."

'Bob Hearts Abishola' airs on CBS on Monday nights.


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