When will 'Bob Hearts Abishola' Season 2 return? We hope the lovebirds take a big step when the show is back

When Season 1 ended, Bob and Abishola's relationship was as strong as ever, signaling that a new season might bring something more

                            When will 'Bob Hearts Abishola' Season 2 return? We hope the lovebirds take a big step when the show is back
'Bob Hearts Abishola' (CBS)

Usually, now is around the time most networks begin their fall programming. It's an exciting time with our favorite shows returning and new ones testing the waters. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 is seeing a very different fall schedule. For one thing, most shows will not be returning in September as they did before. While some networks have delayed season premiere dates to the end of 2020, others have pushed them to early 2021.

Thankfully, some of our favorite shows are still set to come back this year and though we have to wait, it is not for long now. One show we are excited to see return is CBS's 'Bob Hearts Abishola'. The Chuck Lorre sitcom was one of the many new shows CBS picked up in the last fall to boost its lineup with diversity. At the outset, 'Bob Hearts Abishola' is a unique show. In fact, the sitcom boasts the first African immigrant family as mainstream characters on network television.

'Bob Hearts Abishola' follows the titular characters who meet when Bob Wheeler (Billy Gardell) suffers a heart attack and is looked after by nurse Abishola Adebambo (Folake Olowofoyeku). Bob is a businessman who runs a compression sock manufacturing company in Detroit with his dysfunctional family comprising of his mother Dottie (Christine Ebersole), his brother Douglas (Matt Jones), and his sister Christina (Maribeth Monroe). Abishola is a Nigerian immigrant and single mother who lives with her Aunt Olu (Shola Adewusi) and Uncle Tunde (Barry Shabaka Henley), as well as her son Dele (Travis Wolfe Jr).

Where we left off

During the first half of the freshman season, Bob fell for Abishola and started to pursue her romantically. Abishola, however, was less sure -- she is, after all, trying to make it in this country and ensure a good future for her son. Eventually, Abishola gives in and agrees to date Bob, but not before there were many obstacles in their way, including Abishola's aunt and uncle. During the latter half of the season, we saw Bob and Abishola grow closer to each other's families, with Bob providing guidance to Dele and Abishola becoming a trusted confidante to Dottie. Around them, we see Douglas, Christina, Aunt Olu, and Uncle Tunde get up to their own tactics as they served to be comic relief throughout the show. 

By the end of the first season, it looked like even Dottie may have romance on the horizon. Meanwhile, Christina is at a wellness ranch. Bob and Abishola's relationship is as strong as ever, signaling that a new season might bring something more.

What we would like to see

The first season of 'Bob Hearts Abishola' did well to establish all the characters and their relationships. But then, we could not expect less from a seasoned television veteran like Chuck Lorre. The upcoming season is what will define the sitcom's future. Admittedly, the first season was also not without controversies, sparking debates among fans about the representation of African immigrants and African-Americans.

Given that 'Bob Hearts Abishola' is one of the most diverse shows on the network (and television in general), we hope that it is able to tackle more issues about race, especially with Dele growing up in a world that is biased against a Black person. This has to be a nuanced conversation, however, and it surely will involve more conversations on the difference between the African and the African-American experience in the United States.

Additionally, Abishola is a nurse and many of the scenes are set in the hospital that she works at. This means that should 'Bob Hearts Abishola' choose to reflect what's happening in the world today, we could very well see the pandemic unfold as well. It would be a shame not to see it, as the sitcom has a big opportunity in front of it to tell the story of unsung heroes in a hopefully comical and respectful way.

When is it returning

According to CBS Entertainment chief Kelly Kahl's statement to TVLine, previously announced fall series will be potentially available in November this year. We expect 'Bob Hearts Abishola' to be one of the shows that will return with a new season (the second for 'Bob Hearts Abishola') sometime in November 2020.

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