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'BoJack Horseman' season 6 could be the last for the Netflix series, and it might just be perfect

Princess Carolyn and Ralph make for the perfect couple amidst the slew of imperfect relationships in 'Bojack Horseman' and it would be a crime for them to not end up together
UPDATED JUL 10, 2019

For five seasons, Netflix’s ‘Bojack Horseman’ has depicted the life of a self-loathing yet narcissistic alcoholic horse, while addressing real-life issues including addiction and depression.

We have come to love this story and Bojack’s habit of making one bad decision after another.

Towards the end of last season, however, we see him making some changes in his life, recognizing his issues, addressing them and seeking help to overcome them.

However, will we even recognize this new and improved BoJack, voiced by Will Arnett?

We cannot help but wonder if the upcoming season, which is yet to get a premiere date, will be the last for the series.

This is not because we have had enough of ‘Bojack Horseman,’ but because this would be the perfect place to wrap things up for the horseman.

With Diane and Mr. Peanut Butter addressing the issues in their marriage, it has become evident time and again that the former and BoJack have always been more than just friends. It is only right for the two of them to start a relationship.


Do they work better as friends? Yes.

However, it would be a disservice to not explore their relationship, before them leaving each other in utter shambles.

Finally, Bojack dies of a broken heart, much like his character on ‘Horsin’ Around’—because that is what ‘Bojack Horseman’ does the best, devastating irony.

Even Princess Carolyn’s story has come to a perfect ending point with her having achieved the one thing she always dreamed of—being a mother.

There would obviously also be a reunion with Ralph, who she is clearly in love with, and they would raise PC’s baby together.

They were the perfect couple in the slew of imperfect relationships in Hollywoo and it would be a shame for them to not end up together.

Meanwhile, Todd’s story will end exactly the way it began—with him couch surfing and being the friendly moron that everyone needs on their life. He is currently in PC’s house and it is not all that hard to imagine him taking over as the nanny for the baby and she continues to conquer the various realms of her career.

This is obviously just what we want to see happen and, clearly, it would make sense to end the show this way.