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'Bluff City Law' fans react to the Memphis references on the show as the city's residents gather for a special screening of the premiere

Other than the real issues the NBC show tackles, its name is also quite meta when you consider its Memphis setting.

NBC's new legal drama 'Bluff City Law' brings in a lot of real-life references in its storytelling. The narrative focuses on an elite legal firm meandering through burning social issues like company fraud and wrongful imprisonment amidst a father-daughter drama at its core. But other than that, the name of the show is also quite meta once you find out about its setting: Memphis. The city built on top of the river Mississippi is called 'Bluff City' and resident fans from there are doing everything they can to treasure and relish this significant showcasing of their town via the series.

A quick dig into the interwebs will tell you that Memphis is known as the bluff city because despite sitting on the high grounds above the massive river, it never floods. And for that, we have the Chichsaw Bluff to thank. These four 'bluffs' are like raised banks along the river which "secured Memphis from river floods, while a rare shelf of sandstone below provided a secure boat landing, making this the "only site for a commercial mart" between Ohio River and Vicksburg, MS. The bluffs were strategically important and have been vital to the success of Memphis, hence The Bluff City," reveals a Quora answer.


It is not often that network shows have offered such a prominent nod to its small-town location and Memphis residents are thrilled about the city being such an integral part of the show. Twitter is buzzing with fans congratulating NBC and the series for holding the city in such bright light in their storytelling, with a good chunk of the city's residents gathering at the Court Square in downtown #Memphis for a special screening arranged for the masses. 

"Yessss! Awesome look over the bridge and down the Mississippi River. Memphis looking beautiful! #BluffCityLaw," reacted user @G_Love24 on Twitter when the NBC series premiered in all its Memphis glory. Another user @Isaac_Rivals wrote: "Excited about Bluff City Law tonight. A show that’s exclusively shot in Memphis. Not like past shows. Memphis Beat was supposed to be based in Memphis but was actually filmed in New Orleans. I love the backstory of the show & hope it had staying power."

On a more critical note, however, user @MusicL8y remarked: "Love seeing my newly adopted city and the story’s pretty good, but puh-lease y’all need to hire these folks some dialect coaches! Memphians have rhythm & melody to their speech. This sounds more east coast than southern. #BluffCityLaw."

'Bluff City Law' will air on Mondays at 9pm only on NBC.