'Bling Empire' Season 2: Why does Dorothy Wang want to steer clear of Kane?

'Bling Empire' Season 2: Why does Dorothy Wang want to steer clear of Kane?
Dorothy Wang and Kane from 'Bling Empire' Season 2 (Netflix)

Season 2 of 'Bling Empire' is full of drama, jealousy, phony friendships, and, yes, some new faces. Despite the fact that rivalry is already a part of the show, everyone has a different perspective on it, with their feud having varying degrees of intensity. Even Kane and Kevin, who have their own drama and Christine and Anna who always seem to be at odds.

There has been a new addition to the cast this season, Dorothy Wang, a first-generation American-Chinese. Born and raised in Beverly Hills, her father is an entrepreneur and recently Forbes estimated his net worth at $4 million. Dorothy happens to have a good connection and bond with everyone in the group except Kane. Here is all you need to know about the turmoil going on between these two. 


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Kelly asks Kane how he knows Dorothy and he responded that he met her through a mutual friend five or six years ago. In the conversation with Kelly, Kane also mentioned that Dorothy is difficult to talk to and they don't have much in common. Kelly asks if Dorothy remembers him and he says he doesn't know. Kane thinks after Dorothy became famous she ignored him. 

Jamie and Dorothy meet for lunch the next day, and in the middle of their conversation, Jamie brought Kane in, saying that Kane had always wanted to connect with Dorothy. In response, Dorothy explained that the only time she ran into him was in one of the stores, when Kane, being his obnoxious and annoying self, asked Dorothy and her friend if they wanted to go out to lunch, to which Dorothy flatly refused. Dorothy also added that Kane had an Instagram battle with her best friend Erza about clothes and fashion, with Kane throwing jabs at her friend.  Dorothy says that Kane can be himself it is just she doesn't need to be around him.

Another reason she also gives is that one day she was at this gym and Kane was also there. Dorothy walked into the gym and Kane saw her maybe he wanted to say something to her but she dodged her way to her workout. She claims her trainer who also happens to be the owner of the same gym called her and told her that after she left Kane, filed a complaint "Isn't it a private gym, why is that girl here, I don't even know her" Kane was referring to Dorothy. Due to all these reasons, Dorothy feels like their vibes don't match at all. 

After hearing all of this, Jamie suggests that they both come into a room together and talk about all that has happened. Guess what Jamie did, she did what she was thinking and invited Dorothy and Kane to lunch. Jamie tells Dorothy that she has a surprise in store for her, and when Dorothy sees him, all she wants to do is go. Things started great at lunch as Kane and Dorothy started to bond over real estate license topics and then Jamie brings the main issue which was Kane wanting to connect with Dorothy.

Jamie Xie, Kane Lim in Bling Empire Season 2 (Netflix)

Kane says he knows Dorothy through mutual friends, to which Dorothy asks, "Who are these mutual friends?" Kane rattles off a few names, and Dorothy simply states that she is not friends with them. However, the entire lunch ends up being a disaster and Kane tells Dorothy that they don't need to be friends and that she may go on her own path while he will go his. Seems like Dorothy is never going to forgive Kane.

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