'Bling Empire' Season 2: Will we finally see Kim and Kevin together as a couple?

'Bling Empire' Season 2: Will we finally see Kim and Kevin together as a couple?
Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee from 'The Bling Empire' (Netflix)

'Bling Empire' Season 2 is full of friendship, jealousy, diamonds, and romance and fans are in for a great treat. The show is about rich Asian-American socialites living in LA who are nothing short of celebrities. The show follows their lives as they deal with money, luxury, love, and of course, bling.

Talking about love, it feels like we may get to see a new couple on the show by end of this season. At the beginning of the second season, you'll discover Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee connecting during Mimi and Don's anniversary celebrations. While everyone is having a great time at the party, you'll also see a little fakeness between Anna Shay and Christine Chiu. Coming back to Kim and Kevin, Kim kisses Kevin on his cheeks and suddenly Kevin feels like he is on top of the world.


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Kim and Kevin meet for coffee the next day, and he expresses that he wants to get to know her better, to which Kim responds that she would like to do the same. Looking at them, it appears that they might get together soon, but things rarely happen as planned.

Kevin invites Kim to dinner as the season continues. Yes, he has planned a dinner date for her and has also brought flowers. However, our lover guy Kevin's heart is broken when Kim doesn't show up for dinner. Kevin continues to call her but she does not answer.

Mimi Morris with husband Donald E Morris in 'Bling Empire' (Netflix)


Moving forward, they meet at a party and greet each other awkwardly and Kim behaves as if nothing happened. Finally, when she realizes she can't escape it, she calls Kevin and has a conversation with him. Kim tells him that it was her fault for not showing up at the dinner as she was unsure about him or them, and she also got cold feet before their dinner date. She also expresses her fear of losing Kevin as a friend, to which Kevin responds that no matter what happens, they will stay friends. Kim then tells him, "You can be friends after that but I can't." Their conversation ends and it certainly feels like everything is over between them.

Kevin Kreider and Kim Lee in Season 2 of 'Bling Empire'(Netflix)


But there's a catch: a new party means a new drama. At Kane's party, Yasmine, one of Kelly's friends, is present. Yasmine and Kevin talk and flirt with each other, making Kim jealous. So she tells Yasmine, "Hey, this is my man." She quickly realizes what she had said, and laughs it off.

Kim, her mother, and Kelly are sitting and talking about a few things one morning when Kim explains that she is afraid of falling in love and that she is still in the healing phase from her previous relationship. Maybe that's why she didn't show up for the dinner. Kim and Kevin's equation has confused everyone, including themselves.

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