'Ice Cream': Jennie's 'sexy' teaser photo for Selena Gomez collaboration has fans expecting black-haired Rosé

The song drops on August 28, and fans have already gotten a glimpse of the track via a pre-release teaser phone call between the two acts. The teaser photo now confirms the song is a cute, retro concept

                            'Ice Cream': Jennie's 'sexy' teaser photo for Selena Gomez collaboration has fans expecting black-haired Rosé
Jennie Kim of Blackpink (Getty Images)

Blackpink's Jennie has fans in a tizzy thanks to YG Entertainment dropping the second teaser photo for the group's upcoming single featuring Selena Gomez, after the first image with Jisoo was released a day prior. Titled 'Ice Cream', the song is set to have a retro sound to it blended with the group's classic electro-hip-hop style. Given Gomez's roots in pop and her more recent exploration of dance, R&B, and retro themes, this should make for an extremely interesting collaboration.

Blackpink's official Twitter accounts dropped Jennie's teaser photo with no warning or caption. Unlike Jisoo's 'D-4' teaser, which saw the singer looking summer-ready with a bright outfit, backpack, and a smile, Jennie's 'D-3' teaser sees the singer in a short colorful knitwear outfit and pastel pink ponytails with blue highlights woven in. And for most fans, the shift from the cuter Jisoo teaser to the sexier Jennie one was a shift they were not expecting.



"QUEEN! I'm shook. This LOOK!" read on fan tweet, "JENNIE?? ? hmmmm??????? huh?????? Hmm???? Haaah????? Hum? Ahhmm????? Huuh? Ho? Ohw? Aw? Ow? Uw? Hmmmm???" stated another, and one fan shared, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME OMG."






The group previously shared a snippet of the song as part of a teaser video, built around a video phone call they had with Gomez. Both acts gushed about their love for one another, sharing how excited they were to be working together after being fans of each other for so long. The short audio revealed the song would have a retro summery concept, sounding a lot closer to more classic K-pop as opposed to the more Western-influenced hip-hop, trap, and EDM styles that the genre has been leaning heavily towards in recent years.

Blackpink's concepts have gotten increasingly intense in recent years, with 'Kill This Love' and 'How You Like That' both being heavy on the beats and bass as well as the take-no-nonsense messages. The group has, however, experimented with more bubblegum pop and retro styles before, including on tracks like 'As If It's Your Last', but the new song still bears a more unique sound in comparison to the group's other work. Fan excitement continues to build as many are unsure of what to expect from the track, especially coming off the heels of their first pre-release single. Given how different the two songs are, it makes it harder to predict what Blackpink's 'The Album' will sound like overall.

With a retro concept, many fans may have wondered what Jennie's teaser would end up looking like since her image has shifted to include stronger concepts in recent years. Following its release, fans have commended the singer for managing to both match the concept and make it her own. "Cutie concept what?!?! Here’s Jennie Kim being sexy sexy," tweeted one fan, "Can't wait for the song!!! Anime girl," said another, and one fan stated, "YAS GURL GET IT HOT HOT HOT."






Of course, some lamented that Jennie's hair is most likely a wig and would not feature in any official videos, but given the singer has previously shared she is averse to dying her mane, it makes sense her team would opt for a wig instead. Having said that, a pink-haired Jennie can only mean one thing, according to the Blinks at least: a black-haired Rosé. Commenting on Jennie's teaser, one fan shared, "OMG She looks so so beautiful," before adding, "and you know what is coming right??? ROSÉ WITH BLACK HAIR *SCREAM* YES YES YES." And another said, "When we all thought Rosé was the one who has pink hair. Anyways Jennie look so barbie doll."




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