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'Respect Jisoo' trends as fans protect Blackpink star against xenophobia: 'Don't expect her to speak English'

'Kim Jisoo is a Korean in a Korean Girl Group and living in Korea, don't expect her to speak English just because you don't understand what she's saying'
Kim Jisoo from BLACKPINK (Getty Images)
Kim Jisoo from BLACKPINK (Getty Images)

For those who negatively comment on the language skills of Blackpink members, it is certainly a poor decision as they will have to face the ire of Blinks.

Kim Jisoo, a member of the popular K-pop girl group Blackpink, and the words "Respect Jisoo" are trending today as fans rallied together on Twitter to protect the singer from harassment. The singer has often faced criticism over her command on the English language and fans have had enough. Considering that Jisoo is South Korean and her native language is not English, she still uses it regularly and speaks it well. Additionally, Blackpink's music is mostly in Korean. It is their choice what music they make and one can't be a true fan without accepting all aspects of who they are.

BLACKPINK performs at Sahara Tent during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 12, 2019, in Indio, California (Getty Images)

One fan said it best: "May I remind y'all that Kim Jisoo is a Korean in a Korean Girl Group and living in Korea, don't expect her to speak English just because you don't understand what she's saying. She's not obligated to speak in English."

"Respect Jisoo. Xenophobia is not a joke, stop being 'edgy', stop using 'the English' issue for your stupid fanwars. This isn’t about fandoms, this is serious if you can’t see that, you’re the problem. #ProtectJISOO #XenophobiaIsNotAJoke@BLACKPINK," tweeted one fan while another wrote, "English doesn’t make anyone superior. English is not her native language and its not her obligation to learn it, yet she chose to, and she’s already doing an amazing job. Respect her. Trust me it’s not that hard to do. RESPECT JISOO #ProtectJisoo #XenophobiaIsNotAJoke@BLACKPINK."

One fan said, "We all live from different countries, different cultures, tradition, etc. This is why we should be more SENSITIVE and careful of what we reply, tweet or post on social media. LET’S SPREAD AWARENESS! Do not support mockery! Do not support racist jokes! RESPECT JISOO! @BLACKPINK." Another fan added, "If you don't understand one of them because she's not fluent in english, just study the korean language because they have studied english for you."







As fans have pointed out, Jisoo has clearly made an effort to learn English. In a group of hardworking, dedicated members, the effort that Blackpink have put into their careers is evident and deserves more respect. Jisoo is also a multi-talented artist who can speak Japanese fluently and has ventured into acting too.