Blackpink stun in 'How You Like That' video teaser, but Blinks wonder why Lisa was given only 0.01 seconds

The group's highly anticipated comeback follows their 2019 record-breaking 'Kill This Love' release

                            Blackpink stun in 'How You Like That' video teaser, but Blinks wonder why Lisa was given only 0.01 seconds
Blackpink (Getty Images)

Blackpink has unveiled the music video teaser for their upcoming song 'How You Like That', coming out on Friday, June 26, and it is filled with epic cinematic visuals, dark hues and four very stunning idols who clearly did not come to play this time around.

In keeping with the growing trend within K-pop, this teaser reveals that the group filmed on an elaborate set as opposed to within the confines of a well-lit box room. We see bits of something reminiscent of a throne room with elemental themes running through the teaser such as fire and water, as well as a set-piece featuring massive black wings towering over. A brief orchestral intro really sets the tone for these visuals and a few quick shots of the four members — Jennie, Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo — lead us out of the teaser.

The group's fandom Blinks are already losing their collective minds over the teaser. "GREEN SCREEN WHO??" asked one fan, in reference to the use of a full set as opposed to a CGI-created backdrop. Another Blink shared, "BLACKPINK MAY TAKE A REALLY LONG TIME BETWEEN THEIR COMEBACKS BUT EVERYTHING IS TOP TIER QUALITY THEY REALLY ARE THE STANDARD." It certainly has been a long time coming, considering their last comeback was over a year ago with their iconic record-breaking 'Kill This Love' EP and song. In the interim, Blackpink has released a few tracks, including their latest collaboration with Lady Gaga on 'Sour Candy'.

Jennie of Girl group BlackPink performs during the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 23, 2019, in Seoul, South Korea (Getty Images)

"The visuals!! If this is the teaser, I can't imagine how the final music video will look like #HowYouLikeThat," tweeted one fan, while another shared, "They have the best visuals in kpop and you CANNOT argue." Another Blink said, "JENNIE ATE THIS UP," and one more shared, "MAIN RAPPER JENNIE IS COMING." One said, "ROSÉ WORLD DOMINATION," and another tweeted images of Jisoo from previous videos adding, "Her aesthetics over the years."

Lisa also got a lot of love with fans tweeting, "She's so powerful," as well as, "My queen Lisa nailing it with a 0.01 screentime for a teaser. Who's doing it like her? Only Lisa!!" One Blink responded, "The 0.01 so accurate im f***ing sobbing I hate yg," with another commenting, "You see how the camera was like in a hurry to span it to the other member while the first two weren't like that..."

Admittedly, the teasers seem to be a tad bit more hurried for Lisa and Jisoo with this comeback. While Jisoo seemingly drew the short end of the stick with the previous solo teaser videos being essentially hidden for most of her part owing to the editing, Lisa's tiny bit in this latest teaser was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment that was further obscured by the song title card, making capturing a screenshot difficult for fans. Nonetheless, if the visuals they've served their fans thus far are anything to go by, they'll more than make up for the teasing with their full music video, which drops on June 26.

Kim Jisoo and Lalisa Manoban from BLACKPINK try out Candy Crush Friends Sagas new Hungry Yeti AR feature at the King Offices on August 28, 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden (Getty Images)

"THEY SET THE BAR SO HIGH," tweeted one fan, another said, "Slaaaay girls slay," and many stated, "BLACKPINK IS THE REVOLUTION." One Blink tweeted, "Y’all aren’t ready for blackpink world domination," and some fans echoed the statement, tweeting, "We are not ready." Others shared, "WE ARE READY." It appears the teaser's release has broken the fandom because they can't decide if they're prepared or not. Another user summed up these conflicting feelings perfectly with this tweet: "No one is ready!! OH actually the whole world is ready."

Blinks are also already predicting this comeback to be a massive hit, in addition to stating it's going to sweep all the award shows. "Music video of the year," tweeted one fan, while another stated, "QUEENS WHO PAVED THE WAY FOR GROUPS KPOP COME THROUGH B***ESSSS SONG OF THE YEAR."

Not all were impressed by the teaser, however, with one user stating, "(Kill This Love) all over again, we hate to see it." But one fan was quick to respond saying, "The only correlation between ktl and hylt it's that both have quality production." And as several users attempted to fuel the fires and instigate discord among fans, many K-pop fans shut them down stating, "Can western & non BP fans back off? Y'all thrive off fanwars and drama. 99% of y'all don't even stan Blackpink etc but always have something to say. What's wrong with y'all."

'How You Like That' is set to premiere on June 26 at 6 pm KST / 2 am PT. In the meantime, 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' continues the countdown for Blackpink's appearance on the show on June 26 to coincide with the song's release. Besides performing 'How You Like That' live for the first time, this will also mark the first appearance of a K-pop girl group on the show. Prior to this, Blackpink have appeared on 'The Late Late Show with James Corden', 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' and 'Good Morning America'.

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