'How You Like That': Blackpink fans hail band's new look in teasers, while others feel 'YG hates Jisoo'

All four concept videos featured snippets of the song set to camera robot-filmed videos, but Jisoo's teaser appears to be the most heavily edited of the four which has left Blinks upset

                            'How You Like That': Blackpink fans hail band's new look in teasers, while others feel 'YG hates Jisoo'
Blackpink (Getty Images)

Blackpink fans continue to rejoice as they are blessed with a stream of teasers for the group's long-awaited comeback. Initial teaser posters for their upcoming track ‘How You Like That’ featured the four members in updated looks, including new hair and fresh outfits with the members obscuring their faces to varying degrees, and these were quickly followed by reveals in the first round of title posters. Fans were naturally ecstatic, especially given it has been over a year since their record-breaking 'Kill This Love' EP dropped. And after months of campaigning for a comeback, including sending trucks to the YG Entertainment building to raise awareness for the campaign, Blackpink's fandom Blink is finally getting the comeback they deserve.

"WE DIDN’T CLOWN OURSELVES AGAIN," commented one Blink, while another said, "IT IS REALLY HOW YOU LIKE THAT BLINKS WON / HOW YOU LIKE THAT A WHOLE BONGER BOP!!" And one fan shared, "OMGGGGGGGGGG WE'RE NOT READYYYY FOE THE BEST COMEBACK!!!" Many fans were ecstatic with the new looks, especially considering one of the biggest complaints since Blackpink's 2016 debut has been that they've been using more or less the same outfits in their appearances. Jennie, in particular, appeared to be the highlight, with fans tweeting, "FINALLY BLONDE JENNIE."

Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK performs at Sahara Tent during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 12, 2019, in Indio, California (Getty Images)

The teasers were followed by a second round of title posters, with the girls switching out their lighter, neutral looks for some dark, gothic outfits, and this time fans were even more ecstatic with the fresh concepts. "YALL RAISING THE BAR WAY TOO HIGH OMGGGG!! KEEP DOING IT QUEENS!!" tweeted one Blink, while another shared, "THIS IS ALREADY ICONIC PERIOD."

And the images were soon followed by teaser videos, one for each member. The first round included Jennie and Rosé in the first concept, while the latest round has Jisoo and Lisa donning the darker concept. "They look ethereal," shared one Blink, another said, "WELCOME TO HOW YOU LIKE THAT ERA," shared one Blink, and one tweeted, "'BLACKPINK IS THE REVOLUTION' they said that right."

"Um jisoo ate that but am I suprised? NO," tweeted one Blink, and another stated, "Miss Jisoo Kim came for my neck." Responding to the question asked by the song title, many Blinks responded with "Yes Jisoo we really like that," in addition to trending #WeLikeThatJISOO. The teasers have also already spawned some stunning fan art as well, including the most adorable chibi-style ones.

Kim Jisoo and Lalisa Manoban from BLACKPINK go behind the scenes of level design at the King offices in Stockholm, Sweden ahead of the launch of the new 'Hungry Yeti' AR feature in 'Candy Crush Friends Saga' on August 28, 2019, in Stockholm, Sweden (Getty Images)

Sadly, despite how hyped up Blinks are for this highly-anticipated comeback, not everyone was happy with the latest round of teasers. While everyone agrees that both Jisoo and Lisa look absolutely gorgeous in their teasers, with some tweeting, "This lisoo set tur standart so high i mean look at THEM" and some sharing that they were "obsessed with lisoo’s outfits," Lisoo being a portmanteau of Lisa and Jisoo's names, others couldn't get past how heavily edited Jisoo's teaser was compared to the other three.

"YG is so unfair to Lisa and Jisoo," tweeted one fan, while another said, "That s**t company hates jisoo im screaming." Another commented, "They edited the hell out of Jisoo's teaser," one said, "The effect is just too much I cant take many screenshots :( but still #WeLikeThatJISOO," and another tweeted, "All that glitch b***h I can barely see jisoo." One fan stated, "I wanted a microwave concept video for Lisa and Jisoo too," with 'microwave concept' being a reference to the high-speed camera robot shots that were taken for Jennie and Rosé's teaser videos.

Lisa, meanwhile, has been generating a significant amount of buzz this comeback owing to her totally embracing the black-leather-and-chains concept. "This look is AAA+++ solo," said one fan, another tweeted, "Omg LISA ROCK this style," and one fan shared, "Lisa Visual No Joke." Even MTV got in on the action, tweeting, "LISA WITH THE LIP RING I'M OBSESSED," to which a Blink responded, "I mean how can you not be obsessed with Lisa. She is just incredible #HowYouLikeThatLisa #LISA #LALISA"

Lisa from Blackpink attends the Prada show during Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2020/2021 on February 20, 2020 in Milan, Italy (Getty Images)

Many Blinks were in awe, with some simply tweeting they were "Speechless," while others stated, "OMG LISA WHY ARE U ATTACKING ME." Some shared, "Ugh i love you Lisa" and several others asking for the Blackpink member to "marry" them, while others quipped, "Mentor on everything. Hahaha THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT." Lisa's mentorship has earned legendary status among the fandom following her stint as the resident dance mentor on series two of the Chinese survival talent show 'Youth With You' which saw the idol shed her bubbly personality and transform into a strict coach with a no-nonsense approach.

'How You Like That' is a pre-release single set to release on June 26 at 6 pm KST (2 am PT). The song serves as an appetizer for the group's as-of-now untitled album, which marks their first full-length Korean-language studio album since their debut. In addition to the song, Blackpink will also star in a reality show titled '24/365 with Blackpink' that will document their comeback. It will be available to stream via the group's YouTube channel.

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