Blackpink's 'Boombayah' music video hits 1 billion views on YouTube, fans say 'a debut single did that'

Blackpink's 'Boombayah' music video hits 1 billion views on YouTube, fans say 'a debut single did that'
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K-pop girl group Blackpink has scored themselves another massive milestone in 2020. The music video for the group's hit 'Boombyah' has surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube, making it their third video to achieve this feat. Additionally, the new milestone comes as the third to earn 1 billion views on the platform, with all three surpassing the mark within a space of one year.

Taking to their social media on October 12, Blackpink announced their achievement, sharing a new black-and-white poster with the words "BOOMBAYAH" and "1 Billion" designed in green, bold font and a screenshot of the video and views. "#BLACKPINK #BOOMBAYAH #MV #1BILLION #YOUTUBE #YG," they wrote in the caption for the pic. Check out their new post by clicking here.

Blinks on Instagram were quick to flood the comments to share their support for their favorite K-pop band. "IM SO PROUD I LOVE YOU," said a fan while another wrote, "yes we did that." "Blackpink is a global band. Blackpink broke records. Blackpink are the revolution," declared a fan.

Over on Twitter, the love for Blackpink was just as enthusiastic. One fan called 'Boombayah' "iconic" and another deemed it as "their best song."




"A DEBUT SINGLE DID THAT," wrote another fan. 


One fan said, "See when your THE BIGGEST GIRLGROUP in the world  BOOMBAYAH ONE BILLION PARTY," adding the hashtags, "#BOOMBAYAH_1BILLION #BLACKPINK3rdBILLION."


As the aforementioned fan pointed out, 'Boombayah' is Blackpink's very first single. It was released together with 'Whistle' as a digital single album titled 'Square One', in August 2016 by YG Entertainment. 'Boombayah' took the crown at No 1 on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart in the first week of sales. In South Korea, the song entered at No. 7 on the Gaon Digital Chart with 88,215 downloads sold and 1,866,737 streams.

Additionally, it peaked at No. 16 on Billboard's Japan Hot 100 chart. On February 24, 2020, the visual for 'Boombayah' became the first K-pop debut music video to surpass 900 million views on YouTube, which means it took a little over half a year to receive 100 million views.

Blackpink's other tracks with music videos to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube are 'Kill This Love', which recently earned the milestone on September 2 and 'Ddu-du Ddu-du', which hit 1 billion views in November last year. The video for 'Ddu-du Ddu-du' currently has the highest amount of views for the band with 1.3 billion.

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