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'Black Lightning' Season 3 Finale Preview: Ending Gravedigger and the Markovian threat comes at a great cost

The Markovian war has finally come to Freeland and Gravedigger is leading the charge but are the combined powers of Freeland's superheroes enough to save it?
UPDATED MAR 19, 2020
(The CW)
(The CW)

War has finally come to Freeland and Gravedigger (Wayne Brady) has already made his first strike. Empowered by the abilities of Markovia's most powerful metas, his first battle with Lightning (China Anne McClain) stopped her heart, nearly killing her, but for the timely intervention of her father Black Lightning (Cress Williams). Now, it's a showdown between Black Lightning and the world's first metahuman — one who is also family.

After last episode's reveal that Gravedigger is Jefferson Pierce's great-uncle, Black Lightning might be more than a little reluctant to go all out when it comes to taking Gravedigger out — despite Lynn Pierce's (Christine Adams) insistence that Gravedigger must be killed in order to end the invading threat once and for all.

The battle between Lightning and Gravedigger also brought the ASA's force field down, meaning that there is nothing holding the Markovians from stepping onto Freeland's streets. An extended trailer for the episode shows the war in the streets, Grace Choi (Chantal Thuy) injured, the return of Painkiller (Jordan Calloway), and of course, the showdown between Gravedigger and Black Lightning. You can watch the trailer released by the CW here.


It's time for Freeland to go to war, but despite how long everyone has been preparing for it, are they truly ready?

Lighting and Thunder (Nafeesah Williams) have had to grow up fast as war approaches, taking on new responsibilities and new threats but war might just push even them past their breaking point. Team Black Lightning is fighting for their lives, their freedom and for the future of the genetic arms race as a whole. 

In all of the confusion and high stakes of war, it's easy to forget that Tobias Whale (Krondon) has gone missing — but the show hasn't forgotten. As the show's logo flashes, Tobias' ominous laughter can be heard and we see that he has been watching events unfold on a TV screen, before declaring that it's "time for me to pack my bags". It looks like he is going to be making a return soon, and as a free man.

The season finale of 'Black Lightning' airs March 9 on the CW.