'Black Lightning': Cast teases Season 2 with creative, enigmatic social media posts

'Black Lightning': Cast teases Season 2 with creative, enigmatic social media posts

'Black Lightning' Season 2 is set to release on CW on October 9 and the coolest superhero family on earth is returning to pick up where they had left off. While Cress Williams a.k.a Black Lightning has already established that the world is prepared for the next showdown, the cast of the show has taken to their Instagram profiles to tease their fans about the upcoming season. Coming from director Salim Akil, the second season will look deeper into the lives of the superhero family.

In an interview with Haute Living, Williams indicated that the show already holds immense cultural importance since "we need things that speak to what is really going on and maybe offer alternatives of encouragement and hope."

Following Season 1, the second season will see the father-daughter duo of Black Lightning and Thunder (played by Nafessa Williams) continue on their mission. The two have been a powerful team since the first season (and probably this duo is one of the strong reasons why the show did so well) and in the latest footage of season 2 released by CW, we hear Black Lightning claim, "Black Lightning and Thunder will always fight for justice." 


Nafessa herself had teased her fans earlier about the upcoming season. Taking to her Instagram profile, the actress who plays the indomitable Thunder called out her fans to remind them that the show returns tomorrow with (possibly) some new addition to the Black Lightning and Thunder team.


We say so because, towards the end of the first season, Black Lightning's youngest daughter Jennifer (played by China Anne McClain) had developed her own supernatural powers which make her appear like an orange lightning (her father has the power of blue lightning and her sister elder sister, Anissa, can create shockwaves).

As it is already known that the family is seeking therapy to help Jennifer come to terms with her power, it will probably not be long before the youngest daughter joins her father and her sister. China took to Instagram some days back to post an animated poster of the show's upcoming season. 


However, one person who is just as excited about the second season as the viewers is Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III who plays the sinister villain Tobias Whale. Krondon had taken to Instagram to post a clip from the first episode of the second season.

As Whale and Black Lightning face each other in a showdown, we see certain glimpses of Pierce's past where Whale brutally murders his father in front of him, thus giving rise to his ambition of fighting against injustice. As Freeland's most notorious gang leader, Whale is probably the first villain on screen with albinism. 


However, Krondon teased his fans the most when he opened that briefcase in one of the clips that he has shared. The most asked question right now is, "What's in that briefcase?" And Krondon teased his fans saying that he very well knows what is in the briefcase but he remained tight-lipped about disclosing the secret.

However, regarding this briefcase which Whale stole from the ASA at the end of Season 1 finale, Akil had said, "There is power in that box, power like Tobias has never had before. What he sees in it is horrible to us, but to him it's exciting. He feels it's going to make him the king of Freeland and beyond."


Along with Williams, Nafessa, China, and Krondon, we will also see Christine Adams returning as the mother of the two most gifted daughters. Adams, who can be seen in the role of Jefferson's estranged wife Lynn Pierce, has always played a pivotal role when it came to keeping the family together.

She likes to keep her stature as the mother of extremely gifted daughters even outside the screen as Adams posted an adorable picture with her two on-screen daughters played by Nafessa and China. She captioned the post: "I'm not ready to let my babies go but it’s time. Are you ready for season 2 Black Lightning? 🔥⚡️Believe me, it’s going ALL the way down. Tuesday OCT 9 CW 9 pm @cw_blacklightning @chinamcclain@nafessawilliams #blacklightning#blackheroesmatter #blackgirlmagic #cw #dc." The mother is clearly set to let her daughters take over the world with their superpowers. 


While all the stars of the show have already given us glimpses into what awaits in the second season, Williams has made it clear that, "Now that we’ve established the world from season 1, the ability to go deeper with the characters and the conflict is expanding and growing. Our show premieres next week and my feeling, my wish is that we premiere well and strong and that season 2 is even stronger."

Season 2 will certainly bring in a plethora of new characters, as the premiere 'The Book of Consequences: Rise of the Green Light Babies' already sets the stage for Jefferson and his family to deal with the newly discovered green light pod children. 

'Black Lightning' returns on CW on October 9 at 9 pm and, with it, all series regulars such as Williams (Black Lightning), Nafessa (Thunder, Anissa), China (Jennifer), Adams (Lynn), and Krondon (Tobias Whale) are returning to resume their respective roles. Although it is still not clear if the crossover with Arrowverse will happen since Akil wants to keep the show as exclusive as possible, but the fact that the characters might merge in the future cannot be overlooked.

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