Are Ceaser Emanuel and Suzette Samuel dating? 'Black Ink Crew' couple feud over daughter Cheyenne's abuse claim

Are Ceaser Emanuel and Suzette Samuel dating? 'Black Ink Crew' couple feud over daughter Cheyenne's abuse claim
Ceaser Emanuel and Suzette Samuel from 'Black Ink Crew New York' (Instagram)

Ceaser Emanuel and his daughter Cheyenne share a strained relationship, which has only gotten worse with time. After she levelled abuse allegations against him, he was bound to seek legal action. 

As he navigated his options and what he could do to salvage the situation, girlfriend Suzette Samuel inserted herself into the situation. Initially, her intentions were to help but her efforts misfired. The couple then ended up having a serious conversation about the future of their relationship.


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Are Ceaser and Suzette still dating?

As far as social media posts go, they are. Two weeks ago, Suzette shared an adorable photo of theirs with a caption that read: "You have my front and i have your back …. Always. Minding our business building this empire stacking this money, focused on GROWTH and we look damn good doing it." 

In February, the couple celebrated their first year together. They have been friends for three years, after which Ceaser and Suzette decided to take the next step. 


"After 3 years of friendship, we became a couple. We faced many trials and tribulations but the happiness outweigh the bad. It has been a crazy year but one thing this relationship taught me is that u have to fight for what you want because it does not come easy ‼️ I will forever have your back because I know you have my front ‼️ I will continue praying over you, over US.... I love you and cheers 2 many more to come ! The hard part is over. It’s only the beginning. Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary," she had written on the photo-blogging site.

Even though the tone of the post was celebratory, there were bits and bobs that hinted at the challenges they overcame together. At that point, they were struggling to keep the ambiance at home normal, especially after what went down between Ceaser and Cheyenne. 



Previously MEAWW reported how Cheyenne exposed the couple on social media, especially Caesar. She claimed he "dragged her out of the shower when she was naked and stomped on her 'like a dog in the street'." As a reaction, Suzette too took to Instagram to share a series of stories, which was directed at clearing her and Caeser's names.

The realtor pointed out that Cheyenne had been wanting a $600 wig for which she was not ready to work for. "U were 60 pounds overweight when we got u. We had you in the gym on meal plans. You told me u wish I was your mother," she had written.


Will Suzette and Ceaser be able to move past these issue? Only time will tell. 'Black Ink Crew: New York' Season 9 airs on VH1 every Monday at 8/7c. For more information, check your local listings.

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