'Most ignorant': Blac Youngsta slammed for rapping next to tomb with Young Dolph’s name

In the video, Blac can be seen walking around, smoking and dropping his latest verse around a memorial emblazoned with the last name Thornton

                            'Most ignorant': Blac Youngsta slammed for rapping next to tomb with Young Dolph’s name
Blac Youngsta in a still from 'Im Assuming' and Young Dolph (Photos by [email protected] Youngsta/Bennett Raglin/Getty Images)

Days after facing heat for performing his 2016 diss track against his late arch-rival Young Dolph called ‘Shake Sum’ in Texas, Blac Youngsta again drew sharp criticism from the Internet after he dropped a music video of his single ‘Im Assuming’. In the newly-released video, Blac can be seen rapping his verses right next to the tomb of Young Dolph from an unnamed cemetery.
In the video, the 31-year-old rapper can be seen walking around, smoking, and dropping his latest verse around a memorial emblazoned with the last name Thornton that refers to the real name of the late rapper i.e. Adolph Robert Thornton Jr, better known as Young Dolph. Young Dolph was shot and killed on November 17. According to reports, the rapper was at a cookie store when the incident took place. He was believed to be dead on the spot. Speaking of violence against Black rappers, 19-year-old rapper SpotemGottem was shot in a drive-by shooting but thankfully survived. In July, Zerail Dijon Rivera aka Indian Red Boy was shot dead while recording an Instagram Live in Hawthorne, California. Similarly, in June, Detroit rapper VNZA was killed in a bar in Missouri.
Who shot Young Dolph? Fans mourn rapper who was shot in Memphis cookie store

Young Dolph feuded with rivals like Soulja Boy, Blac Youngsta before he was shot to death


Blac Youngsta pisses off Young Dolph’s fans with new MV

Blac Youngsta got into a beef with Young Dolph after the former’s record label boss and friend Yo Gotti got into several arguments with the late rapper. Yo Gotti and Dolph had earlier released a few diss tracks against each other. Blac too later jumped into the fray going against Dolph. The Memphis native also took a dig at the haters who dragged him over his recent performance in Texas.
Taking to his Instagram, the rapper shared a lengthy post stating, “Im the type of (N-word) who ain’t neva sat back and looked for nobody to feel sorry fa me! i come from the heart of south Memphis where you get no sympathy, dont even know what that is… with that being said i could give 2 fucks what the world think bout me.” He continued, “It amazes me how just because im a mutil millionaire gangsta that im put under this magnifying glass and every lil thing i do/say receives negativity rather its to be put out that way or not im human i aint perfect, i go thru s**t just like everybody else, i done lost more of my inner (N-word) than any otha (N-word) coming outta my city *memphis* my grandma damn near on her death bed now but i dont get on the internet crying bout it or looking for the world to feel sad for a (N-word).”




‘Blac Youngsta walking a dangerous line with these shots’

Social media mocked Blac Youngsta’s latest stunt as one of them said, “Blac Youngsta gotta be the most ignorant opp of all time why is bro recording a music video at the cemetery at the family name of young dolph.” One user stated, “Blac Youngsta got Dolph oh so f**ked up.” Another said, “Blac Youngsta walking a dangerous line with these shots at Dolph.” The next one posted, “Blac Youngsta trolling Dolph's death and still got no attention."
One user shared, “I’m not mad at Blac Youngsta for keeping the energy he had for Dolph. Even in death , you don’t f**k with someone, you just don’t f**k with them. The problem is, I really like Dolph and that was.” Meanwhile, one said, “Blac Youngsta celebrating like he the one got Dolph knocked off.”  Another added, “Y’all seen that music video Blac Youngsta some h** a** s**t dropped where he next to Dolph’s grave? Smh.” One user concluded, “If Blac Youngsta get knocked off, the world ain't gon miss him the way we miss Dolph.”



















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