Blac Chyna's spiritual awakening: Reality star removes 'demonic' tattoo after baptism

Blac Chyna's spiritual awakening: Reality star removes 'demonic' tattoo after baptism
Blac Chyna has expressed her desire to embrace her natural appearance (Amy Sussman/Getty Images, @blacchyna/Instagram)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Blac Chyna, who has expressed her desire to be referred to by her birth name, Angela White, has embarked on a journey of healing and spiritual growth by removing what she describes as 'demonic' tattoos from her body. In an Instagram video posted on Sunday, the former reality TV star revealed that she has started the painful process of laser tattoo removal, which includes an image of the occult symbol Baphomet.  "It gots to come off. I'm not about to have no mark of the beast," she said, referring to her decision to remove the tattoo.

Chyna, who had previously gotten the tattoo without any association with its devilish representation, expressed her desire to rid herself of anything 'demonic' in her life and body. "I am releasing all negative energy that is holding me back," she wrote in the caption of the video. In addition to the Baphomet tattoo, Chyna also removed two tattoos dedicated to her ex-boyfriends Tyga and Almighty Jay during the same session. These changes come after Chyna revealed that she underwent baptism on her birthday last year and has been on a spiritual journey ever since.


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'God bless you'

Keke Palmer joined the chorus of support for Blac Chyna's decision to remove her 'demonic' tattoos and embark on a spiritual journey. In the comment section of Chyna's Instagram post, Palmer wrote, "God bless you sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is ALWAYS READY!!! Isn’t his GRACE overwhelming??? All we have to do is walk through the door." Rapper Lil Mama also commended Chyna, writing, "I'm Extremely Proud of You. I appreciate your Will to Grow!!!!"

Johanna King expressed her admiration and support, by saying, "You are gonna lead so many women to Christ! God bless you!" Skai Jackson also extended her congratulations, and said, "This is amazing. Congratulations on your journey. God bless you." Kristen Cruz joined in on the positive remarks, by commenting, "God is so good!! God is using you to touch so many lives!" The entire comment section was filled with praise and encouragement for Chyna's transformation and her newfound spiritual journey to God.


The spiritual transformation

Chyna is undergoing a significant transformation, not only by removing her 'demonic' tattoos but also by making changes to her body. The former stripper has dissolved her facial fillers and undergone surgery to reduce the size of her breasts and butt as part of her rebranding effort. Chyna has expressed her desire to return to her birth name, Angela, and to embrace her natural appearance.

Chyna's transformation also extends to her lifestyle choices. She is no longer interested in maintaining her long acrylic nails and she has also deactivated her OnlyFans account out of consideration for her children. She is a mother to 10-year-old King, whom she shares with Tyga, and six-year-old Dream, who is the daughter of Rob Kardashian. With her changes, Chyna is setting a positive example for her children and making choices that align with her new spiritual journey, as reported by Page Six.

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 Blac Chyna removes 'demonic' tattoo after baptism