Is Blac Chyna marrying Lil Twin? Singer's mom Tokyo Toni slams rumors: 'First time hearing it'

Tokyo Toni reveals she is 'shocked' at rumors of marriage, but hints it could be likely, calling Lil Twin 'a pretty good fit'

                            Is Blac Chyna marrying Lil Twin? Singer's mom Tokyo Toni slams rumors: 'First time hearing it'
Blac Chyna and Lil Twin are 'dating strong' but marriage may be far (Instagram/ Blac Chyna @fashionova and liltwinofficial)

The rumor mill is abuzz that Blac Chyna could possibly be getting married and now her mom Tokyo Toni wants to clear all the needless chatter. In an interview on July 12, Toni hinted that the model and entrepreneur might be taking her relationship with Lil Twin to the next level, but she wasn't sure. With some of the legal drama behind her, we can't help but feel happy that things are finally looking up for Chyna. Rumors of the wedding to Lil Twin emerged thanks to a hairstylist, who seemingly confirmed the event with an Instagram story. If true, it would be odd Chyna hasn't told her own mom, who was "surprised" by the news.

Chyna had a difficult 2020. In the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chyna was engaged in a massive legal battle with the Kardashian clan. In March, we reported how Chyna alleged her daughter Dream suffered burns while in the custody of ex Rob Kardashian. In response, Rob accused Chyna of snorting cocaine and assaulting him with a metal pole. In December, Chyna managed to win part of her lawsuit and got access to all the unaired footage from 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'


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Rumors of the wedding stemmed from a July 12 Instagram story by stylist Jay. The LA-based hairstylist posted "Happy to say that @blacchyna has now confirmed, booked and sent deposit to me as the one who's going to be doing her hair for her upcoming wedding," in a story, which was quickly panned. However, the story went viral on social media and within hours had fans talking. The story has since been taking down, which only adds more fuel to the fire. 

This isn't the first time Jay has worked with Chyna, so it is possible he was her first call if a wedding was confirmed. We do know Chyna and Lil Twin are dating right now, since she uploaded a photo of him on Instagram with the caption "mines" in December 2020. So far, Chyna and Twin have not commented on the rumors, leaving social media to speculate that it's happening. 

Tokyo Toni (L) and Blac Chyna attend "Tokyo Toni's Finding Love ASAP" Los Angeles premiere at AMC Theaters Universal City Walk on November 08, 2019 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The Zeus Network)

The news caught Toni by surprise though. In an exclusive with The Sun, she said, "Today was my first time hearing about it. I’m shocked." She did however confirm the relationship between the two, telling The Sun, "she’s with Lil Twin. They’ve been together about two years or so now. I’ve met him and I think he’s a pretty good fit. I even met his mom, they’re a pretty cool family." If things have gone that far, it is possible Chyna and Lil Twin are at least discussing, if not prepping for a wedding.   

Toni added, "I haven’t heard they were engaged, just dating strong, that’s all." It seems a little odd that Chyna would be getting married without telling her mom, so it's unclear if Jay's story was in error or if the wedding is really going ahead. If it is, at least we know Toni will be delighted. "I wouldn’t be against it. They seem to be very, very happy & content," she said. That's great for the model, whose falling out with Rob and the Kardashian clan has consumed most of her 2020. 


The rumored wedding to Lil Twin isn't the first time Chyna is getting engaged. In 2016, she got engaged to Rob but called off the wedding in 2017. So maybe second time lucky? Let's hope so! Of course, all this is pure speculation at this point. We don't know for sure if Chyna is getting married, and will have to wait to hear it from her directly. Nonetheless, it appears as if all is well and could be progressing according to Toni.

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