Billy Corgan busts meme-theory suggesting he is Taylor Swift's father

Corgan's response to circulating meme might take things a notch higher, especially with his reference to how even "Billy Corgan" might not be a real person.

                            Billy Corgan busts meme-theory suggesting he is Taylor Swift's father
Taylor Swift (Getty Images)

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan is seemingly cool with almost anything he gets called, as long as it's not Taylor Swift's dad. And he made it beyond abundantly clear that he's not standing for any memes - no matter how hilarious - that try to prove that he is the progenitor of the Grammy-winning pop star.

Taking to Instagram, Corgan dispelled the latest meme theory which compares the resemblance between a make-up free Swift to that of his own self, but he didn't stop at just that. Trying to prove his point, he busted that he himself is not Billy Corgan either. Yes, we're just as clueless as you are, but he had a pretty solid 300-word Instagram caption explaining that too.

While this circulating conspiracy theory of Corgan fathering the 'Look What You Made Me Do' singer has managed to gain widespread traction among meme connoisseurs in a very short amount of time, Corgan's response to that might take things a notch higher, especially with his reference to how even Billy Corgan might not be a real person.

In his very own words: "There is NO such person as 'Billy Corgan'. He (BC) does not exist. Or, if he does exist (per these times), he is a creation from my mind to yours, and no different than a cartoon drawing of Batman or Sponge Bob."

Getting further into the explanation, he elaborated how he became the "Billy Corgan" that fans and followers of his band have known, stating that at first he was just Bill Corgan, and eventually it led to him insisting that people call him Billy as he adopted a whole different persona.

"I still remember the day around age 18 when I told someone, 'don't call me Bill anymore. I am Billy now...' Now why would I do such a thing? Because Bill, or Little Bill as I was known to the family, was beaten, harassed, broken and discarded over so many years, and in so many separate instances (let's say the number of disassociative events is in the thousands) that he (Bill) was WORTHLESS to me," he recounted over a series of Instagram posts.

He continued, adding: "But Billy Corgan, a construct of my own making, with a different walk, haircut, and even eyes that I purposely changed (from fully open to ovals half closed, like those of a snake), he was a new being around which I could invent any story as I pleased."

In the same course of his description, he also details how this whole dissociation between WPC (Or, William Patrick Corgan - that is his birth name) and "Billy Corgan" just emerged over the years - ala William Shatner gradually turning into Captain Kirk, forgetting he was Shatner.

"It was certainly confusing to the band, who on a day to day basis dealt with WPC, and not Billy Corgan," he continued. "Although you could argue that the more I played at this character, the more I became him; like an actor who's been in a role so long (William Shatner as Captain Kirk) that he assumes the attributes of said character cause it's just easier that reminding anyone there might be a difference."

Things, however, got slightly darker as the end of this two-post Instagram elaboration drew closer; referring to him going by his original name over the last couple of years - including releasing the Ogilala solo album under the moniker, he wrote: "So last thing for today, and it's something I told the NY Times (in a thought I believe that was not printed): -You can keep Billy Corgan, he is dead, and he's there for you to mock and use as you wish."

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