George Floyd protests: Billie Eilish hailed as role model after telling Trump to 'choke on a d**k' over 'thugs' tweet

Referring to the people protesting the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the president had called them 'thugs' in a tweet

                            George Floyd protests: Billie Eilish hailed as role model after telling Trump to 'choke on a d**k' over 'thugs' tweet
Billie Eilish, Donald Trump (IMDb)

The death of George Floyd is on everybody's mind right now as protests sweep through cities. Many celebrities took to social media to speak on the topic, while others sparked debates as the protests turned violent. President Donald Trumps' tweets on the matter, in particular, created havoc as people took to social media to call POTUS out and one of them was Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish.

The 18-year-old pop star posted the president's tweets on her Instagram story adding her own two cents on Trump's behavior. ''Are you dead f***ing serious???? THUGS???? EAT A HUGE F***ING D**K AND CHOKE ON IT," she wrote. The singer posted this on her Instagram story but fans were quick to take screenshots of Eilish's post. You can see the post here. "Yes @billieeilish you go Queen!!!!!!," tweeted the user.

The tweet posted by the president about Thursday night's protests in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was blocked by Twitter with the social media tweeting that it "glorified violence." Trump had fuelled the situation by tweeting, "when looting starts, shooting starts". Fans were happy that celebrities such as Eilish were standing up to the President's delusional rants. Many screenshots of Eilish's reaction were posted on Twitter with one writing, "THIS IS A @billieeilish's ig story, she posted about trumps recent tweets about threaten the people who were angry because of George Floyd's death! very well Billie!" while another read, "@billieeilish has snapped back at Donald Trump following his comments referring to the protesters as 'thugs'." While there was some hate, most people stood up for the singer as one tweeted, "She doesn’t support racist trump. her morals are fine x."

DailyMail had reported that the president had posted his tweets as the protests worsened, "to the point where some protestors set MPD's 3rd Precinct building on fire, which forced personnel to evacuate the area". His bad taste in tweets didn't sit well with many, most of whom didn't shy away from speaking out. Eilish's lack of sensitivity to the president's tone-deaf tweet gained her a lot of Twitter love, with another fan tweeting, "BILLIE EILISH TOLD TRUMP TO CHOKE ON A BAG OF D**** AGH QUEEN," to which another user replied, "Best thing I’ve seen today. We love to see it." Another fan tweeted, "Billie Eilish the role model to the younger generation is calling you out donald and she is right."

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