Billboard slammed as Top 10 GOAT list has The Beatles at #1 and not Michael Jackson

Billboard slammed as Top 10 GOAT list has The Beatles at #1 and not Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's fans weren't too happy with the king of pop being placed on #8 and The Beatles (L) on #1. (Jon Pratt/Keystone/Getty Images)

Billboard faced quite the pushback for not placing Michael Jackson at the top of the 10 greatest artists of all-time list.

The reputed music and entertainment magazine released a list of their greatest artists of all time on Wednesday, November 24. British pop-rock legend The Beatles made it to the #1 ranking on the list. They were followed by Madonna, with 38 Hot 100 top 10s, on the number 2 spot. She was closely followed by Elton John on #3, while Elvis Presley took the number 4 spot, followed by Mariah Carey on #5. MJ's fans weren't too happy with the king of pop being placed on number 8, after Stevie Wonder and his sister Janet Jackson. Finally, the 9th and 10th spots were secured by Whitney Houston and Rihanna respectively.


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Rihanna's fans were elated by her entry into the esteemed list despite it being a few years since she dropped a new single. However, she made it considering she's one of the biggest artists ever in terms of chart performance. Billboard noted that Drake was really close to making the top 10 as he ranks No 11, as compared to No 22 on the 2018 chart. Meanwhile, others making the top 100 list are Taylor Swift (No 21), Maroon 5 (24), Bruno Mars (29), and Justin Bieber (38). Some artists making their top 100 debuts include The Weeknd (No 43), Post Malone (77), Ariana Grande (78), and Ed Sheeran (87).



Billboard explained how the chart was put together in a statement. “Billboard‘s Greatest Of All-Time Hot 100 Songs and Artists rankings are based on weekly performance on the Hot 100 (from its inception on Aug. 4, 1958, through Nov. 6, 2021)," the magazine noted on its website. "Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at lower spots earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the years, eras are weighted differently to account for chart turnover rates during various periods. Artists are ranked based on a formula blending performance, as outlined above, of all their Hot 100 chart entries.”

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Nonetheless, several critics slammed Billboard for not placing Michael Jackson first on the list, with some also noticing how Prince wasn't featured altogether.

"So Michael Jackson is the most awarded of all time, is the biggest selling solo artist of all time, has the top 5 biggest selling solo albums by a male of all time, got the most iconic dance moves and voice of all time, is the most famous person of all time AND HE AIN’T NR 1?????" one tweeted.

"How is Michael Jackson not number 1 on the list ??" another wrote.

"Adding Rihanna means you can’t take this list seriously…as well as having Janet before Michael," a comment read.

"How is Michael Jackson not first he’s the greatest artist to ever do it, also Prince and Kanye should be here" someone else added.

"Michael Jackson can do the Beatles, better than them, but can the Beatles do Michael Jackson? I'll wait. Secondly, and I love Rihanna and support her always, but to be Top 10, what is the list based on? What are the merits? Also, where's Prince?" another chimed in.










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