Donald Trump shown wearing orange prison jumpsuit behind bars on Arizona billboard that calls him 'Don the Con'

The billboard, which is near 11th Avenue in Phoenix, also bears the legend: 'TRUMP DEATH CLOCK' and then gives the number of Covid-19 deaths

                            Donald Trump shown wearing orange prison jumpsuit behind bars on Arizona billboard that calls him 'Don the Con'

Grand Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona, saw a new billboard that features President Donald Trump in an orange prison jumpsuit behind bars. He has a name tag that reads, "Don the Con." There are also mushroom clouds behind him with swastika-like dollar signs next to him. The billboard reportedly came up on Thursday, December 17.

If one observes the mushroom cloud, they would be able to see the face of a clown emerging out of the texture of the smoke. The “Mushroom Clown” was developed at the French advertising agency TBWA Paris by creative director Erik Vervroegen, art director Philippe Taroux, copywriter Benoit Leroux, account manager Anne Vincent and 3D designer/photographer Thomas Mangold for Sony as part of the launch of the Playstation 3 in 2007. The advertisement even won three awards at the International ANDY Awards in 2008.

The billboard, which is near 11th Avenue, also bears the legend: "TRUMP DEATH CLOCK" and then gives the number of Covid-19 deaths in the US, which is above 314,000 at this point. It also says people should wear a mask. As per reports, Michael ‘Oaks’ Wright and Ruben Gonzales created the Trump death clock and installed it below the mural. A CBS affiliate tweeted a photo of the billboard, writing: "New billboard in downtown Phoenix shows President Trump in prison jumpsuit behind bars with swastika-like dollar signs."


This new billboard, reportedly, comes after a similar billboard stood there for about three years. It had Trump in a regular suit with the same mushroom clouds and the dollar signs that looked like swastikas. That billboard was created and paid for by Los Angeles-based artist Karen Fiorito. Fiorito, as per the Phoenix New Times, has done several pieces in the space. The aforementioned one was called Trumpocalypse. It was installed in March 2017. “The first design reflected my fears of a Trump administration,” she says. “This one is my hope for what will happen afterward; it’s pretty aspirational.”

But some people seemed unhappy with the new billboard. KHOU 11 reported one viewer saying, “Phoenix politicians should be ashamed to let this happen! Arizona is not Oregon or Washington St.” Others reportedly said the billboard did not help to unify the country. But some seemed to be happy to see the president in a prison suit: “That's where he needs to be if there is any justice left in this country,” said one person.

As per the Phoenix New Times, the billboard is part of the Grand Avenue Billboard Project, which is headed by Beatrice Moore, an artist and historic preservation advocate who owns several properties on Grand Avenue. The initial design reportedly drew a lot of attention and death threats against the artist. "We had no idea it would go viral," Moore said of the widespread reaction to the piece.

Back in October, a Democratic group called “Turn Texas Blue” defaced a Trump billboard in Texas so that it read: "Take Trump to Prison." The group said that they had "fixed" the enormous Trump poster after a tweet about it went viral. Ivanka Trump was also targeted by an enormous anti-Trump billboard in Times Square, showing the president's daughter beaming and gesturing towards coronavirus death tolls for New Yorkers and Americans.

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