What is microchip conspiracy? Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce sparks theories on Covid vaccine 'tracking device'

Many people started asking who is in control of their microchips now that the most philanthropic couple in the world is getting a divorce

                            What is microchip conspiracy? Bill and Melinda Gates' divorce sparks theories on Covid vaccine 'tracking device'
Melinda Gates and Bill Gates filed for a divorce (Getty Images)

Bill and Melinda Gates filed for divorce after spending 27 years together. The 'end of their marriage' was announced on Twitter, as the co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft took to the social media site to break the news. It took no time for the news to start trending. While many users expressed their sadness over the divorce, there were some asking about a 'microchip'.

As absurd as it sounds, soon enough, more people joined the trend and many users started asking who is in control of their microchips now that the most philanthropic couple in the world is getting a divorce.


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Bill Gates speaks during the Lin-Manuel Miranda In conversation with Bill & Melinda Gates panel at Hunter College on February 13, 2018, in New York City (Getty Images)

"Shit, with Bill and Melinda Gates getting divorced, who gets control of my COVID microchip? I need answers," one user tweeted. "With Bill and Melinda getting divorced who gets CUSTODY of my MICROCHIP which one of them CONTROL ME," another user said. "So with the Bill and Melinda breakup, who controls my microchip?" yet another user said. Along similar lines, one more added, making a request, "Since Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing I’d like to request that Melinda is given full custody of my vaccine microchip."

Many people claimed that they found out about the divorce even before it was publicly announced. Why? Well, because this 'microchip' sent them the signals. "According to my covid vaccine microchip which just zapped me 3 times, it appears Bill and Melinda Gates are ending their marriage," one tweeted. "Had this tingling sensation in my arm today... just the microchip’s notification system letting me know Bill and Melinda broke up," another user said. One more said, "Now that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorcing, who’s gonna get custody of the 5G tracking device in my arm from my COVID vaccine?"

Bill Gates, Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation speaks onstage at 2019 New York Times Dealbook on November 06, 2019, in New York City (Getty Images)

What is this 'microchip'?

Naturally, the next question one wonders about is what is the microchip? Last year when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, a conspiracy theory started doing the rounds on social media and even offline. Claims were being made that the pandemic is actually a cover for a plan to plant trackable microchips in people's body. It was also claimed that Bill Gates was actually the mastermind behind the whole plan.

Videos with out-of-context footage had also started doing the rounds, being shared thousand of times on social media. The video is archived here.

A man wears a shirt referencing Bill Gates and the Covid-19 vaccine at a protest against masks, vaccines, and vaccine passports outside the headquarters of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on March 13, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia (Getty Images)

This conspiracy theory was so widespread that according to a 2020 YouGov poll of 1,640 people, 28 per cent of Americans believed that Bill wanted to use vaccines to implant microchips in people. Notably, this figure was rising to 44 per cent among Republicans.

Obviously, these were baseless claims. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation even had to come forward and clarify that these claims were "false". It was also clarified by news, fact-checking portals that the video was manipulated to distort parts of a Gates speech in 2013. In addition to Bill, manipulated footage of Melinda and Jack Ma were also selectively put together for the video.

Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group Jack Ma poses for a photo outside the New York Stock Exchange prior to the company's initial price offering (IPO) on September 19, 2014, in New York City (Getty Images)









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