Bill Gates may have created coronavirus to microchip people, claims Trump loyalist Roger Stone

The conservative lobbyist said the plan was to see whether people have been tested. Gates, meanwhile, has been strongly critical of the slow response that the world came up with against COVID-19

                            Bill Gates may have created coronavirus to microchip people, claims Trump loyalist Roger Stone
Bill Gates and Roger Stone (Getty Images)

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading like wildfire in the US and people dying in large numbers, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has decided to use his personal resources to create for the much-needed vaccine.

The Microsoft co-founder is spending huge amounts into building factories for promising coronavirus vaccine candidates, the best two of whom would be chosen for final trials.

Recently, he said on 'The Daily Show' that his Gates Foundation could mobilize faster than governments to fight the coronavirus outbreak. It was Gates who had warned against the outbreak of a pandemic a few years ago and regretted that the world did not take much preparation against it. 

However, not all are convinced yet with Gates' initiative. Roger Stone, a friend of President Donald Trump, for example, said on Monday, April 13, that the billionaire might have created the virus himself to microchip people. 

"Whether Bill Gates played some role in the creation and spread of this virus is open for vigorous debate," the 67-year-old Republican political operative and lobbyist who had worked with former President Richard Nixon, said.

Speaking on 'The Joe Piscopo Show', Stone added: "I have conservative friends who say it's ridiculous and others who say absolutely."

“He [Gates] and other globalists are using it for mandatory vaccinations and microchipping people so we know if they've been tested. Over my dead body. Mandatory vaccinations? No way, Jose!"

Stone's suggestion is one of many conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds about the coronavirus. It is also around the same time another theory has claimed that India has sued Gates for his vaccination program that killed many girls aged between nine and 15 in their country.

During the show, Stone also spoke on the presidential race for this year's election. He dismissed the presumptive Democratic candidate Joe Biden as "an exceptionally weak" candidate who is "just not all there".

He was also asked by Piscopo, a former 'Saturday Night Live' star, whether New York Governor Andrew Cuomo would make a better candidate than Biden for the election. Stone said a Cuomo candidacy was unlikely to happen. 

World in uncharted territory, says Gates

The 64-year-old Gates said recently that very few nations will get "A-grade" for new coronavirus response when it comes to understanding the extent of damage the virus can cause.

Speaking to BBC, the iconic technocrat said several countries failed to provide a proper healthcare and a "post mortem" will follow when the virus is tackled. "We are in uncharted territory due to a lack of investment and preparation for such a pandemic," Gates said.

Nearly two million people have been hit by the virus worldwide while over 119,000 lives have been lost. The US stands to be the worst affected country with over 582,000 confirmed cases and 23,000-plus deaths. A number of western countries, including Spain, Italy, France, Germany and the UK — are among the worst-hit ones.  

Scientists have said that a vaccine may take up to 12-18 months after successful trials on human beings. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation said in February that it would immediately commit up to $100 million for the worldwide response to the coronavirus.