Bill Maher slams Bill Clinton for saying affair with Monica Lewinsky was a way to 'manage' his 'anxieties'

Bill Maher slams Bill Clinton for saying affair with Monica Lewinsky was a way to 'manage' his 'anxieties'
Bill Maher, Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton (Getty Images)

'Real Time' host Bill Maher has slammed former president Bill Clinton for his comments about his affair with Monica Lewinsky calling it a "terrible thing to say". Clinton in his wife Hillary Clinton's documentary series 'Hillary' talks about his affair with Lewinsky, saying it was a way for him to "manage my anxieties."

"And here’s something that’ll take your mind off it for a while,”the 73-year-old said of the two-year-long affair that began in 1995 when she was 22, “Everybody’s life has pressures and disappointments, terrors, fears of whatever. Things I did to manage my anxieties for years."

Hillary also opened up about how she felt when the news of the affair broke, she said she was "devastated". “I was so, you know, personally hurt. It just … anyway, it was … horrible.”

Maher, furiously said, "Can I, for one second, channel Monica Lewinsky? I just gotta say the blindness of a man saying that I had this affair with this person was to manage my anxieties -- how does that make her feel? It's a terrible thing to say."  He also went on to agree that the Clintons were "very blind"  and "have a callousness to them."

"They really do. This to me was very callous. It's like, 'Manage my anxieties.' Really? Is there not a human being there?" He added, "He bought her that book of poetry, remember that? And there was that tape where he was like, 'Good morning' because he got a b---j-- that day. It's a little more than that."

But then, soon after went on to mock the women who accused Chris Matthews of unwanted flirting. “I think this ‘cancel culture’ is cancer on progressivism,” Maher said on the show, “Liberals always have to fight a two-front war. Republicans only have to fight the Democrats; Democrats have to fight the Republicans and each other."

The much-anticipated doc on Hillary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and is currently streaming on Hulu. 

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