Is Bill Cosby's marriage over? Wife Camille Cosby spotted in NYC without wedding ring

Bill Cosby's wife Camille Cosby was spotted without her wedding ring as she was seen for the first time since his release from prison

                            Is Bill Cosby's marriage over? Wife Camille Cosby spotted in NYC without wedding ring
Comedian Bill Cosby and wife Camille O Cosby walk backstage on March 2, 2007, in Los Angeles, California (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Bill Cosby's wife Camille Cosby was seen for the first time since her disgraced comedian husband's unexpected release from jail and incidentally, she was spotted without her wedding ring, new outlets revealed on Saturday, July 15. Cosby was released after a judge overturned his sexual assault conviction. 

Cosby, 83, was found guilty of drugging and assaulting a Temple University employee at his suburban mansion. Instead of expressing regret for the 2004 meeting with complainant Andrea Constand, the actor pledged to serve the entire 10-year sentence. 


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Cosby was charged in 2015 when a prosecutor with new evidence managed to get him arrested days before the 12-year statute of limitations expired. He walked free from prison after the shocking overturning of his sexual assault charges by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on June 30. 

Camille Cosby attends the Apollo Theater 75th Anniversary Gala at The Apollo Theater on June 8, 2009, in New York City (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Is Bill Cosby's marriage with Camille falling apart? 

Camille, 77, was photographed without a ring when she entered the couple's opulent New York residence alone on Friday, according to exclusive photos acquired by The Sun.  Bill's wife of 57 years stayed with him throughout the historic trial and sexual assault conviction. This is the first time the TV producer has been photographed without her wedding band. The incident comes after Cosby was unexpectedly freed from jail earlier this month and had his sexual assault conviction reversed after completing three years of his 10-year term. "I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence," the comedian had told Pennsylvania's Supreme Court.

According to reports, the disgraced TV personality and his wife are considering suing Montgomery County for the three years he was imprisoned for the now-void sentence. The legal team is considering suing for abuse of process over the severe indecent assault conviction, according to TMZ. According to Daily Mail, Camille's reconnection with Bill was like seeing "teenage love" reignited.

Andrew Wyatt, a friend and representative for the Cosby family, told the publication that Camille caressed her husband's face after their post-prison reunion and murmured "Billy." Cosby reportedly answered, "My dear Camille." Since his conviction and incarceration in 2018, the Cosbys had not seen each other in person. “Now, after more than 50 years of work, that humanized the dehumanized; which also challenged the perpetual architects of racist, exploitive and greedy maneuvers that have enabled them to divide and conquer,” Camille had said. “My husband has been severely redefined by Judge O’Neill, despite having zero proof.”

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