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Kamala Harris slammed for Bill Clinton's women empowerment show: 'Bill Clinton is a Jeffrey Epstein Democrat'

Bill Clinton has been accused in the past of sexual assault and alleged misconduct by four women.
UPDATED MAR 25, 2021
Bill Clinton (L) and Kamala Harris (R) (Getty Images)
Bill Clinton (L) and Kamala Harris (R) (Getty Images)

It seems the public is not too happy about the fact that Vice-President Kamala Harris is going to have a discussion with former President Bill Clinton on the premise of 'empowering women and girls in the US and around the world'. While the topic is extremely significant and relevant to the times, netizens are criticizing the inclusion of Bill Clinton in the same. The backlash stems from Bill Clinton's past allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against several women. His alleged connection with infamous sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein has also resurfaced in this context. 

Harris and Clinton are scheduled to speak at the thirteenth annual anniversary meet of The Clinton Global Initiative (CGI). The program will be held from Tuesday, March 23 to Friday, March 26, 2021. One of the sessions of the event includes Harris's segment with Clinton on women empowerment that has come under fire. The controversy flared up after Virginia Giuffre, an alleged former survivor of Epstein's abuse, slammed Harris for meeting Clinton, reported DailyMail.


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Was Bill Clinton best friends with Jeffrey Epstein?

Several tweets have been making the rounds alleging that Bill Clinton shared a close friendship with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. He is also believed to have flown in his private jet to Epstein's private island over 26 times. 

"Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s friend and rape accused Bill Clinton @BillClinton to host “women empowerment” program with VP Kamala Harris @VP @WhiteHouse. Welcome to new US," tweeted one user. Another asked, "are you really going to host Bill Clinton on your campus and let him talk about "empowering women?" Bill of cigar box, assaulting, raping, flying with Jeffrey Epstein fame? This Bill Clinton?"

Another user posted, "Was Bill Clinton “empowering women and girls” when he took all those trips to perv island with his good friend Jeffrey Epstein?"




The reported facts from the past years indeed hint at the possibility of a connection between Epstein and Clinton. 

In 2002, Bill Clinton flew to Africa together with Epstein, to discuss economic development in the continent, reported New York Times, accompanied by comedian Chris Tucker and #MeToo accused actor Kevin Spacey.

Though a spokesperson from Clinton Foundation informed that Clinton flew four times on Epstein's private plane, unverified sources have suggested it to be 26 times. Reportedly, Epstein also kept a bizarre painting of Bill Clinton in his Manhattan Mansion, that showed him wearing blue dress and high heels, reported Rolling Stone


In August 2020, DailyMail published some never-seen-before photographs of Bill Clinton where he was reportedly seen enjoying a neck massage from Chauntae Davis, an alleged trafficking victim of Jeffrey Epstein.


However, Davies had stated that Clinton was a 'perfect gentleman' throughout the trip.

Sexual harassment and misconduct allegations against Clinton

While in office, Clinton admittedly had consensual extramarital affairs with Monica Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers, while he was married to Hillary Clinton. However, as many as four women have come forward to publicly accuse him of sexual assault or sexual misconduct. 

In 1999, Juanita Broaddrick, a former volunteer for Clinton, appeared on Dateline NBC and alleged that Clinton had raped her in her hotel room in the late 1970s. Her allegations came into question due to certain discrepancies like not remembering the day or month of the incident or denying the rape allegation while under oath during testifying. Bill Clinton denied all the allegations made by Broaddrick. 

In 1980, Bill Clinton allegedly sexually assaulted Leslie Millwee, who spoke out about it in October 2016. The assault is believed to have taken place during Clinton's governorship of Arkansas. On each of the three occasions, Clinton fondled her breasts from behind while also rubbing his crotch against her and coming to orgasm once, reports Business Insider.

Another woman Paula Jones, alleged that Clinton propositioned and exposed himself to her on May 8, 1991; while Kathleen Willey alleged that Clinton groper her without consent in 1993 in the Oval Office. 

What did Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre say about Clinton?

Virginia Giuffre lashed out at Kamala Harris on Twitter after the news about the talk show surfaced. Using the hashtag #EnoughIsEnough, Giuffre wrote, "Wow!! She’s asking Clinton how to empower women??? Wrong person, what she should be asking him is what the hell was Clinton doing on #Epstein island & private jets 27 TIMES!!’


Giuffre further added that though she was never 'lent out' to the former president, she had seen Clinton on Epstein's private island, often referred to as the infamous 'orgy island'. The claim has been consistently denied by Bill Clinton. 

Giuffre previously came forward with the traumatizing story of her sexual assault by Jeffrey Epstein, whom she accused of keeping her as a sexual captive. Epstein's girlfriend and associate Ghislaine Maxwell, also reportedly instructed Giuffre to have sex with around six prominent men. 

Internet slams Kamala Harris: 'DISGUSTING.. a KICK in the face to WOMEN'

Kamala Harris had been facing tremendous backlash for the upcoming show with internet users calling her out. 

"To Be Clear: HOWARD UNIVERSITY is hosting a one-on-one event with BILL CLINTON and VP KAMALA HARRIS on WOMENS EMPOWERMENT. DISGUSTING.. a KICK in the face to WOMEN," one user remarked. Another called out "Kamala Harris's tone deaf decision to do an "empower women" event -- with Bill Clinton!"

"Kamala Harris inviting Bill Clinton to speak at a woman's empowerment seminar is a slap in the face to anyone who has been a victim to sexual exploitation," a Twitter user remarked, while one sarcastically said, "Kamala Harris and Bill Clinton to discuss women's empowerment, they should have invited Cuomo too."





In response to Giuffre's tweet, Clinton's spokesperson issued a statement to DailyMail saying, "For 20 years under the direction of President Clinton, the Clinton Foundation has worked to empower girls and women around the world. The Clinton Global Initiative has launched thousands of commitments to improve lives: empowering more than 13 million girls and women through job and leadership training; improving maternal and child health care access for more than 114 million people; and increasing opportunity for women in STEM education and careers."

The program in question will be aired on Friday, March 26 from 3:25 pm EDT till 3:45 pm EDT, and can be live-streamed on the Clinton Foundation website.