Chanelle Hayes from 'Big Brother' shows off her incredible weight loss

'Big Brother' star Chanelle Haynes took to Instagram to show off her tremendous weight loss as she wears a pair of skinny jeans.

                            Chanelle Hayes from 'Big Brother' shows off her incredible weight loss
Chanelle Hayes (Source:Getty Images)

'Big Brother' star Chanelle Haynes is proud of her body and she is not afraid to show off her tremendous weight loss. The reality star took to Instagram on Sunday (July 8) and shared a side by side photo of before and after her weight loss. "I am absolutely BUZZING at my progress so far. Slow and steady is definitely winning the race. Check out @celebrityslimuk to begin your journey from before to after! How much do you have to lose??!??" she captioned the picture. The before picture shows Chanelle with a mustard T-shirt and ripped black jeans. Meanwhile, the after picture has her smiling while wearing tight skinny jeans and a pink wrap-around blouse and taking a mirror selfie.

Her fans were quick to congratulate her on the new look. "You look fabulous, slow and steady is the way to do it and with 2 kids everything has to go steady," one wrote, while another added, "You look amazing well done.x you look happy and confident in yourself too.x nice to see lots of positive and supportive comments for you too." Many others thanked the star was motivating them to lose weight. 

"Well done @chanellejhayes u r an inspiration to people who are trying to lose weight! I do protein world and lost 7st so far. U keep going u r doing great," wrote one fan. "Well done Chanélle you look amazing, I'm starting my diet plan and hope to do as well, keep up the good work," read another. Meanwhile, others reflected on their own weight loss journey as one noted, "I lost 4 stone its amazing when you look back at past pictures."

It is great to see that Chanelle has been focusing on her mental and physical health. This comes after she opened up about going through a tough time after her partner Ryan, the father of her baby Frankie just left 10 weeks after they welcomed their child. In an interview with 'This Morning', she opened up about her mental health struggles to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Chanelle admitted that she neglected herself and took the decision of moving her family miles away in order to have a fresh start. "I think when you’re so low and going through such a horrendous time, thank God for both my boys, because I would never ever be without them," she said, as reported by Mirror. If they weren’t there I genuinely wouldn’t have seen any point."

She also reflected on how things have become better after she has started taking care of herself. "I have always had anxiety for a number of years but it got so much worse - it got really bad to the point my mum and dad were really worried about me," she said. "But I’ve come out the other end of it - I've thrown myself into healthy eating and got a good plan and that gave me a bit of confidence back."