Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother' 20, spills the beans on who she thinks will emerge as the winner

'Big Brother' season 20 has been quite dramatic so far, especially with the racism and homophobia-related controversies circling the show that have just surfaced.

                            Julie Chen, host of 'Big Brother' 20, spills the beans on who she thinks will emerge as the winner
Julie Chen (Source : Getty Images)

Julie Chen — the host of Big Brother 20 — has some interesting insights to share when it comes to heer predictions of winners from this season. From Tyler Crispen to Sam Bledsoe and even Kelcee Clarke, Chen's predictions seem to have done a thorough research on each of the contestants' stay in the house thus far.

“I’m gonna say Tyler,” the host shared with Entertainment Tonight, about her rooting for the 23-year-old lifeguard. She claims he's the “one to watch” this season; the fact that Tyler was season 20’s first “Head of Household” only backs up her faith in him emerging as the winner.

“He's been playing the game, and he's been playing it well, and he has no enemies,” she added. “He's likable, he's believable, he's playing all sides of the house, but not in this unlikable, slimy way. He's doing it in a smart way … he also has side, like, final two deals with, like, four people? And I think only one of the people are in the Level 6 alliance! So, he has his bases covered, and no one was bent out of shape because of his HOH nominations, and he didn't have to nominate another person, because Power of Veto was not used.”

But Chen also notes how tactful Crispen has been with his lies in his duration at the show. “He's keeping his lies straight,” she mentions. “He's a lot smarter -- you know, when he first moved in, I was like, oh, he's Sean Penn's character, Spicoli, from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. But that's not the case at all, and I think, outside of the house, he strikes me as someone who's a good person. Anyone who wants to save the oceans cannot be a bad guy.”

Julie follows up her faith in Crispen with her second predictive winner - Bledsoe - who is a 27-year-old welder from Stuarts Draft, Virginia. So far her stay in the house has been pretty robotic, especially considering the punishment she earned from coming in last in the very first competition.

“She's been holding her own, and she hasn't even been in the house as herself!” Julie notes. “Now, we know she's good at competitions. This woman is a welder, she's fearless. She's not too precious to get in there. She's a fighter, so she's definitely one to watch.”

“She was so good in the competition [that aired Wednesday], the Power of Veto,” she adds. “Snakes, no problem. Freezing cold water, one-handed, nose-plug swim? She was great, and the girls were like, 'She's a beast.' So, on the one hand you're like, ‘Oh! I respect that. Now do I want to target her for it, or do I want to get in an alliance?’ We shall see. She's certainly likable.”

While Chen seems to be quite confident about her two choices, only time will tell if the household head will finally triumph or whether it will be a twisted win for the ones getting punished after all!