'Big Bang Theory' star Mayim Bialik says she didn't feel completely beautiful for finale's wedding episode

'Big Bang Theory' star Mayim Bialik says she didn't feel completely beautiful for finale's wedding episode
Mayim Bialik (Source: Getty Images)

Big Bang Theory finally showed the much-awaited wedding of Sheldon Cooper and Amy Fowler and fans could not have been happier for the couple. While there is no doubt that the bride and groom looked flawless, Mayim Bialik, who plays the role of Amy on the show, admitted that she felt the pressure of wedding along with her character and did not find herself beautiful wearing the wedding gown. 

Taking to her website, Grok Nation, Mayim wrote about her true feelings she went through while filming the season finale. The actress confessed she did not feel too comfortable putting on a wedding dress. "Wearing a wedding dress is not comfortable for me. When I myself got married, I wasn’t even comfortable with it. Too frilly, too feminine, too… predictable," she wrote adding that in her real-life wedding she wore a "very untraditional" lace Victorian dress with black satin heels. 

The actress went on to write how the dress did not make her feel beautiful because of her health issues and weight. “I didn’t feel beautiful. I had started losing weight a few months ago. Why? Because I needed to,” she wrote. Mayim spoke about her health issues which caused her to gain weight. 

 “I was not comfortable with my weight and I started eating much better and exercising and lo and behold; I lost some weight. I felt so much more comfortable in my own skin. And then I got a series of antibiotic-needing bacterial illnesses and was not allowed to work out for a month. And so, I gained the weight back. I wanted to keep losing. And instead, I’m back to not being comfortable," she wrote. 

"So I felt ashamed. I felt like maybe the wardrobe ladies were looking at me like, ‘Oh, she tried to lose weight and maybe she didn’t have the willpower.’ They probably would never think that; it’s my brain thinking that. But that’s the truth. I didn’t feel my best. And I felt crummy about it. Even though everyone said I looked beautiful, I didn’t feel completely beautiful," she continued. 

Mayim continued that she was not too happy with the closeup shots either. "I’m a nail biter. Have been since I was a little girl. I wanted so badly to grow my nails for this episode," she said. "And I totally thought I could. And would. And it didn’t happen. Just didn’t happen," she admitted. "When they did a close-up of Jim putting the ring on my hand, I wanted to say, “NO!”— but I can’t. And that’s just Amy’s hands. I am her. She is me. We had an anxious few weeks. Forgive us."

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