Joe Biden's ratings plummet among the birds! POTUS mocked after bird poop incident

Biden had an unwanted surprise when a bird seemed to poop on his suit while giving a speech on inflation in Iowa on Tuesday

                            Joe Biden's ratings plummet among the birds! POTUS mocked after bird poop incident
A bird seemed to poop on President Joe Biden's suit while he was giving a speech on inflation (Photo by @RNCResearch/@GMoneylove72/Twitter)

While giving a speech on inflation and the status of the American economy in Iowa on Tuesday, April 12. President Joe Biden had an unwanted surprise when a bird seemed to poop on his suit. Biden was reportedly outlining plans to lower gas costs and put rural America at the center of our efforts to build a future that's made in America when a white substance dropped on his jacket, directly above his American flag pin, according to a popular video on social media. 

President Biden declared shortly before the poop incident, “It's about being made in America.” Although President Biden proceeded with his address, the event was picked up by other individuals watching on television, and the episode became viral on social media. One Twitter user joked referring to when a fly landed on former Vice President Mike Pence's head during his debate with Kamala Harris last year, “Move over Pence fly. It's Biden shoulder bird poop.” 


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"Poopin Price Hike," tweeted Richard Grenell, former acting Director of the United States National Intelligence. “Biden wasn't the only one spouting poop today,” commented another. “It’s great the school behind my house has reopened - what’s not so great is that with break times staggered - it’s now constant screaming practically all day - even the birds are pissed off and have gone elsewhere to eat!” another user added.


“Bird poops on Joe Biden during speech. Even the birds know he's a crappy president!” yet another user remarked. According to Fox News, the incident occurred inside a 'giant barn,' as President Biden described it. Later, a White House official explained that the substance was 'corn,' not bird feces. Twitter users, on the other hand, exploited the video to make jokes about suspected bird droppings.






Meanwhile, it's worth noting that Vice President Biden arrived in Des Moines on Tuesday, April 12, for his 'rural infrastructure tour.' In his speech, President addressed the nationwide increase in fuel costs that Americans are facing. He announced his intention to prolong the supply of E15 gasoline, which contains 15% ethanol, from June 1 to September 15. The US President's statement in Iowa came after he first mentioned the subway shootings in Brooklyn, New York, that occurred during morning rush hour. Biden's approval ratings have fallen in recent months, despite the fact that the US unemployment rate has decreased as a result of job creation. According to reports, job applications have decreased dramatically, and the unemployment rate has nearly returned to pre-Covid levels. Inflation in the United States, on the other hand, has soared to levels not seen in decades. 

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