Biden may be tanking in the polls, but this video shows he's WINNING in America's hearts!

Biden, 79, sought to crack down on 'ghost guns', which are untraceable weapons without serial numbers and used in violent crimes

                            Biden may be tanking in the polls, but this video shows he's WINNING in America's hearts!
President Joe Biden meets Parkland shooting victim's parent Fred Guttenburg during an anti-gun violence event at the White House (Twitter)

Amid a wave of unfavorable polls, President Joe Biden saw a glimmer of hope on Monday, April 11, as he was lauded for his administration's push to end gun violence. 

Biden, 79, sought to crack down on "ghost guns" -- untraceable weapons without serial numbers that are used in violent crimes -- after a campaign led by parents of Parkland shooting victims. The White House invited on Monday the family members of victims of the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland that claimed the lives of 17 students and staff. This comes amid shooter Nikolas Cruz's trial which is underway in Fort Lauderdale. 


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Among those in attendance at the White House on Monday were Manuel and Patricia Oliver, parents of victim Joaquin Oliver, as well as Fred Guttenburg, father of 14-year-old Jaime Guttenburg who also died in the shooting. “People who are buying these ghost guns are those who can’t pass background checks, are those who want to commit crimes and there’s a reason you’re seeing those show up in more and more crimes today,” Guttenberg said on MSNBC following the event. “I applaud the president. Today was a big deal.”



Biden spoke to families of shooting victims in the Rose Garden, including parents from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012. “There are too many here who lost someone,” he said, adding that the ones present had joined a “terrible fellowship" and “the loss in this crowd is incalculable.” The President said he wanted to “reign in the proliferation of ghost guns” -- untraceable firearms that can be purchased online in a DIY kit and assembled at home. Now, there will be federal prosecution for crimes perpetrated with ghost guns. “You can’t connect the gun to the shooter,” Biden noted, explaining that anyone could order it from home.

The POTUS also called on Congress to pass universal background checks and ban assault weapons with high-capacity magazines. “Think about the mass shootings,” he said, describing guns that can fire dozens of rounds at a time as "weapons of war.”



Oliver, who was accompanied by his wife, took to social media on Monday to share a video from the event in Washington, donning the shoes his son intended to wear for his prom.



Biden was lauded for passing legislation targeting the "ghost guns" and thus, bringing some form of closure to the families of mass shooting victims. "This may just melt your heart," one tweeted. Another one tweeted, "After taking action to ban ghost guns President Biden shows his compassion to Parkland dad @fred_guttenberg by calling Fred's wife on their anniversary. For everyone who wanted to see humanity back in government #BidenBringsIt."

One user wrote, "This is what makes you so incredibly amazing Mr. President! You love the American People. Thank you so very much! You are a true inspiration and a true role model in many ways!" While another added, "This just made me cry. Grief is such an intense journey. It’s a journey I’ve been on for over two years. Our President gave advice that is spot on. Each person's journey through grief is infinitely personal. It can go from a ripple to a full-on tsunami in the blink of an eye." Another gushed, "Oh my gosh. I underestimated the character of Joe Biden. I voted for him, of course, but our country got so much more than I realized when he became President."





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