Biden and Kamala Harris's nicknames for their spouses breaks the Internet, fans want 'Jilly and Dougey' T-shirts

Biden and Kamala Harris's nicknames for their spouses breaks the Internet, fans want 'Jilly and Dougey' T-shirts
Jill and Joe Biden / Kamala Harris and Douglas Emhoff (Getty Images)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are centering the majority of conversations on Twitter since the time the Democrat presidential nominee picked Harris as his running mate for the upcoming elections. Politics kept aside, the details regarding the personal lives of Harris and Biden seem to be gathering a lot of attention for multiple reasons. 

Both Harris and Biden are happily married and have never shied away from expressing their love for their spouses, even if it’s on a social media platform. A few hours ago, Biden took to Twitter to share a video of himself, which shows him making a call to his VP pick Kamala Harris. He wrote in the post, “When I called @KamalaHarris yesterday to ask her to be my running mate, I wanted to make sure Jill and Doug got to say hello. You’re honorary Bidens now!”



On the call, Biden's wife Jill, who he refers to as “Jilly”, congratulates Harris and says that she’s looking forward to working with them every day. Harris’s husband Douglas Emhoff, who is lovingly called “Dougey” by his wife, joins the conversation and says he’s excited about working as a team.

As the video started swirling on Twitter, people couldn’t help but admire the loving relationship between the two couples and how they have cutest nicknames of their partners. Soon, internet users surfaced on Twitter to offer their opinion about the former vice president and his running mate’s personal lives. One user wrote, “Jilly and Dougy- so cute!!!!” and another added, "We need Jilly and Dougy t-shirts."




One of the Internet users tweeted, "Jilly and Dougey. Adorable. I love that they filmed the moment #Biden told #Kamala the big news. #KHive #BidenHarris2020"


It isn't the first time that Biden has attracted a lot of attention for calling his wife's name. Previously, he was called out by Trump Jr for allegedly addressing himself as “Joe Biden’s husband Joe Biden.” Some say it was because Biden's voice seems to be stuttering and it’s possible he was saying “Jill Biden,” since the name sounds so similar to Joe. Biden refrained from providing more clarification on the same. 

Meanwhile, Harris and her entertainment lawyer husband Emhoff have gained a reputation for their strong marriage. Emhoff has undeniably been her biggest support in her political career. He often uses his social media platforms to campaign for his wife. Harris and Emhoff got married in 2014 after dating for almost a year. they reportedly had a private wedding in the presence of family and the ceremony was set in Jewish tradition. 

Harris' memoir ‘The Truths We Hold’ details her experience of meeting Emhoff for the first time while talking about their first text exchange, which happened when he was at a Lakers game and describes how she brought cookies when she met his kids for the first time. Emhoff has two children from his previous marriage with Kerstin Emhoff. 

After Biden's big announcement on Tuesday, August 11, Emhoff shared a picture of his wife with the former vice president and wrote, “America, let’s do this!”.

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