Did Biden call himself ‘Joe Biden’s husband’? Trump Jr mocks 'gaffe', Angry Internet says it's Jill Biden

Did Biden call himself ‘Joe Biden’s husband’? Trump Jr mocks 'gaffe', Angry Internet says it's Jill Biden
Donald Trump Jr, Joe Biden, Jill Biden (Getty Images)

Politics and policies kept aside, the President of the US Donald Trump and the former Vice President Joe Biden are often seen picking at each other, especially on their social media platforms. On July 3, Jill Biden, Joe Biden’s wife is trending for something her husband said in one of his videos, which garnered a lot of attention, including that of Donald Trump Jr. 

Twitter users seem to be divided over Biden’s statement in a video where he’s introducing himself. While most people have established that he called himself “Jill Biden’s husband Joe Biden”, some including Trump Jr have called him out for addressing himself as “Joe Biden’s husband Joe Biden”. Some say that because Biden's voice seems to be stuttering and it’s possible he was saying “Jill Biden,” since the name sounds so similar to Joe.

While the lack of clarity in his audio has left many confused with regard to his exact words, Trump Jr. used the opportunity to take a dig at the Democratic nominee through a tweet that read, “This is ridiculous already. How can they let this guy possibly be the leader of anything let alone the leader of the free world? These daily mistakes are not gaffes they are a serious issue for someone who could have the nuclear football, they show a lapse of basic reasoning.” He also shared a clip of Biden’s with the caption, ““I’m Joe Biden’s husband. Joe Biden.” - Joe Biden”, originally shared by an internet user. 

Soon Jill started trending on Twitter as the users took to the platform to discuss Biden’s exact words, slamming Trump Jr. for not getting his facts rights. 

One user wrote, “He's saying I'm JILL BIDEN'S husband. You idiot !!!!” While another responded to Trump Jr. stating, “Joe Biden loves his wife. He was never into eastern Euro-trash social climbers and party girls. He often calls himself “Jill Biden’s husband. Better than what we call your father: Putin’s bitch.”

One twitter user who wasn’t willing to accept Trump Jr. allegedly twist Biden’s words, tweeted, “I know telling you to listen goes beyond your capable abilities but if you turn up the volume you can clearly hear him say “I’m Jill Biden’s husband, Joe Biden,” you obnoxious and childish excuse of a congressman.” Another cheesed off Twitter user clarified it for Trump saying: "Joe Biden commonly introduces himself as Jill Biden's husband, but we know how hard listening and comprehension is for Trump Jr."


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