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Bhad Bhabie looks unrecognizable in new video, fans ask 'is this not blackfishing?'

Rapper Bhad Bhabie appeared on her recent social media story with a slightly darker skin tone which confused her fans
UPDATED NOV 15, 2022
Bhad Bhabie ( L) was trolled for blackfishing on social media for her new look (R) (Bhad Bhabie/Twitter, The Shade Room screenshot/Twitter)
Bhad Bhabie ( L) was trolled for blackfishing on social media for her new look (R) (Bhad Bhabie/Twitter, The Shade Room screenshot/Twitter)

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA: Rapper Bhad Bhabie appeared on her Instagram story a few shades darker than her normal skin tone. This brought chaos and confusion among social media users, and she was even accused of 'blackfishing' in new selfie videos.

After such discussions, the rapper posted on her Instagram the picture of the foundation she used, which appeared to be of a darker hue foundation. She also wrote on top of the picture, "Case Closed." In the next post, she wrote, "Don't ever ask me again why I don't be on IG. I don't make no money on here. I don't need to be on here. I do it for my fans, but y'all take it too far every time. It's honestly sad and weird," reported However, she has archived all her posts on Instagram at the moment. 


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'She wants to be black'

The Internet quickly reacted to her recent posts. A user said, "What sad and weird is how bad she want to be black not happy in her own skin." "This girl lol wth!," added another. A user added, "Everybody wanna be black till it’s time to be black." " So she showed the product thy she uses to intentionally darken her tone? I don’t get how she expected this to smooth anything over?," claimed another. A user commented, "It’s not just about the light skin tone foundation. It’s the hair, the lips, and the way she acts. It’s obviously black fishing. Even though we all know she’s white." Another user wondered, "Is it me or is she darker than I previously thought?." 

Another user claimed, "I just want to apologize to the black community. The white community didn’t want her either, but she made her decision and I guess y’all are stuck with her.." A user wondered, "Not BhadBhadie blackfishing! I’m tired of this gurl! #bhadbhabie #blackfishing #rap #cashmeoutsidegirl #cashmeoutside #barbz." Meanwhile, another stated, "She has went from Bhad Bhabie to Black Bhabie! Bhad is now blackfishing, oh no!." A user tweeted, "Bhad Bhabie blackfishing again smh. Black women are still the blueprint and standard." "Bhad Bhabie in a couple more years," tweeted a user. "isn’t she white," asked another.













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