Beyoncé is Coming: Haters call Queen B's album 'Black is King' racist, say 'imagine the title White is King'

The album is being called a 'masterpiece' and 'racist' at the same time and only time can tell how it will be received by the world in these sensitive times

                            Beyoncé is Coming: Haters call Queen B's album 'Black is King' racist, say 'imagine the title White is King'

The Black Lives Matter movement has become large than life, and rightly so, and people are wasting no time calling out racists regardless of their race itself. Racism has been present for a while now but the fight against racism has gained momentum after the unjust deaths of many Black people. Now, hit artiste Beyoncé, a "Black Queen" as her fans call her (or Queen B), is set to release a visual album at the end of July titled 'Black is King' and while her fans have warned the "haters" that "Beyoncé is coming" for them, others are labeling the album "racist".

Disney+ released the official trailer of 'Black Is King' on July 19, 2020, and as the release date is getting closer, the comments section of the trailer caught many people's attention. "Beyoncé trying to get to her African roots when she has no idea what Africa is like," read one comment, with another adding, "How racist is this BS, but just because she so-called Queen B she GETS AWAY with it!!" From showing the singer reading 'Black Gods and Kings' to the epic cast of Hollywoods Black stars, the film is a hundred percent a visual ode to Africa and Black culture, but people are wondering if this makes it as though it may be promoting racism when it comes to White people. "White people don't exist to you huh?" wrote one user, "you know all of us aren't racist right?" the comment continued. 

Many people in the comment section couldn't help but wonder how people would have reacted is a White artist had produced the same album and titled it 'White is King'. "Racist premise... expected from Disney. Just imagine the title 'White is King'... would be more riots," wrote one user. Another added, "I'm black, a black woman at that and I get it... I get that we need people to stand up for us but s**t yall dumb af this is blatantly racist and just because we are black and oppressed doesn't give us the right to be racist." Yet another replied, "The double standards of people from the US is unfathomable." People are also wondering why the comments on the video are not turned off? "Of course the comments are still running how else is she (Beyonce) gonna get rich if this doesn't cause a stir or attention? Yall beyonce hype fans are ignorant af," read another comment.

People were not only calling out the famous singer but also the streaming service and franchise she has associated with. "I like how Beyonce pushes the ill. symbolism and promotes the plan Kalergi. #DisneyIsEvil," read a bold comment, another added with sarcasm, "Beyonce: Flew over Africa once Disney: Wanna make a movie about it? We'll cast of you as Queen of Africa." Many called out the singer insinuating that she is unable to understand the "real black experience" because "she's lived in luxury". They also called out Disney for wanting to start a "race war". People were even demanding that Beyonce re-name the album, accusing her of "causing a divide and fueling hatred" while making "millions doing so".

While all this may have taken up a large chunk of the visual albums comment section, everyone knows that Queen B has a plethora of fans. Twitter wasted no time in defending their "Queen" warning "the racists" that she is "coming for them". "The comments on this video are overwhelmingly racist yall need to spam some BEYONCÉ IS COMING comments in here too!" wrote one fan, with another adding, "Oh we love to see racist Whites being pressed over Black is King. AND THOSE HOES BETTER STAY PRESSED BECAUSE BEYONCÉ IS COMING. BY POPULAR DEMAND. SHE COMES TO SLAY, B****H. BEYONCÉ IS COMING."

As always there will always be two sides to the story but many didn't expect the visual album to face such backlash as Beyoncé has always included her roots in her music, even in 'Lemonade', her first visual album. "BEYONCÉ IS COMING AND RACISTS ARE FREAKING OUT!" wrote one fan with a Gif of Beyonce holding a baseball bat, a powerful scene from 'Lemonade'.

While there is no telling how the audience will take to the visual album once it drops, it's safe to say that it has caused a stir and sparked hatred among people on social media. The album is being called "masterpiece" and "racist" at the same time and only time can tell how it will be received by the world in these sensitive times.

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