Beyonce and Jay Z's Orlando concert sports tight security after security breach at Atlanta show of 'On the Run II' tour

At the end of the Atlanta show, a man climbed to the stage and approached Jay Z with intent of physical contact. He was later charged with simple battery.

                            Beyonce and Jay Z's Orlando concert sports tight security after security breach at Atlanta show of 'On the Run II' tour

Two days after a man charged Jay Z and Beyonce's concert stage in Atlanta, music's It Couple are all set to take the stage in Orlando "to rattle windows all around Camping World Stadium" a part of their 'On the Run II' tour. This is the first time Beyoncé will perform in Orlando since 2007, and fans hope the show isn't marred by the ugly incident that happened two days ago in Atlanta, where a man charged on the stage at the end of the show. The thrill of the concert are palpable because the husband and wife's concerts are an artistic experience in itself, they believe.




But just two days ago, at the duo's Orlando concert, not everything went smoothly like it usually does. In fact, things got a little out of hand as a young man managed to get on the stage and even made contact with the rapper as the concert was reaching its finale.


As the couple was walking off the stage, after power-packed two-and-a-half hours of performing at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Anthony Charles Thomas Maxwell decided to pull the daring stunt. Clad in a white jersey, he got on the stage and made a beeline towards the couple. His actions left the dancers quite confused for seconds, but soon they sprinted into action. The security guys were quick to react too.


Initially, the police charged the 26-year-old with disorderly conduct and released him. "At the time, there was no evidence Maxwell had made contact with Jay-Z," said Atlanta Police spokesman Jarius Daugherty, as reported by CNN.  But later, it was determined that Maxwell did in fact "make contact" with the Jay Z, leading them to charge him with simple battery. "It appears that Mr. Maxwell pushed Jay-Z," Daugherty said. The police also added that Maxwell was treated for minor injuries when "people around Jay-Z stopped him from further contact with the performer."


He was detained in the Fulton County Jail and as of now, it is unknown whether he has retained a lawyer or not. While The Carters are yet to comment on the incident, Beyonce's publicist Yvette Noel-Schure shared an Instagram post about the same. "Thank you to all the fans for your concern," she wrote in the caption. "They (Beyonce and Jay Z) are fine and looking forward to the show tomorrow."

After the mayhem caused at the previous show, the Orlando Police Department is believed to have tightened security for the upcoming one. Officers are to be stationed inside and outside the stadium to ensure the event - that begins at 7 pm - goes on smooth and safe.