'Betty' Episode 2: Camille must stop choosing 'nasty men' over healthy platonic relationships, say fans

'Betty' Episode 2: Camille must stop choosing 'nasty men' over healthy platonic relationships, say fans
Rachelle Vinberg (HBO)

Spoilers for 'Betty' Episode 2 'Zen and the Art of Skateboarding'

In this episode, titled 'Zen and the Art of Skateboarding,' we see Camille (Rachelle Vinberg) and Bambi (Edmund Donovan) hang out at his apartment. Camille was already in the hot seat after the last episode where she ditched her girl gang and didn't get them into a skating rink. In this episode, she seems to want to cozy up to a guy, who in fans' opinions and ours, is way too shady.


"Camille sweetie! Stop choosing these nasty men over healthy loving platonic relationships! It’s stressing me out  #BettyHBO," tweeted a fan.

"Not Bambi telling Camille all his trauma AND giving this girl a board it’s been an hour, son #BettyHBO," tweeted another fan.

Their 'date' or whatever you want to call it, involved Bambi fixing Camille's skateboard as he jokes that he's called Bambi because his mother passed away in the woods — a joke, but a tasteless one. There sparks a not-so-interesting conversation about how they've not watched the movie, 'Bambi', and how he owns a lot of CDs and the movie, 'Camp Rock'. Camille doesn't seem taken aback by the sheer awkwardness that was going on. We, on the other hand, were cringing.


"#BettyHBO Camille got herself a cute white boy... Bambi is it? He's cute. I hope he's not trash," tweeted another fan.

"Camille has a crush on this dude. Is he really that into her? #Betty #BettyHBO," tweeted another fan. From the way he was speaking to her after she so clearly wants to impress him, we don't think so, nor do we know if this is going to be Camille's love interest, but some fans weren't into it. One tweeted, "They could easily have made Camille gay in the movie and in this show #BettyHBO cowards". 

"I gave a lot to Janay and Camille #bettyhbo," tweeted another fan seconding that opinion.

Also, we're glad we're not the ONLY one that noticed that "Camille still wearing her backpack. Hah #BettyHBO" - she kept her yellow backpack on her the entire time, even when they settled in to watch a movie with HIS legs on HER! "Camille about to lose all her good 1.5 brain cells over this new dude ain’t she??? #BettyHBO," tweeted a fan.


'Betty' airs on HBO on Fridays at 11 pm EST.

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 Betty Episode 2 Zen and the Art of Skateboarding