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Betsy Robles: Florida mother killed in bed in front of 2 children by 'cold-blooded' home intruder

'I can’t believe that someone will be so disgusting and cold-hearted to shoot a woman that’s defenseless in a bed with two children next to her,' said Robles' friend Marie Hicks
Betsy Robles was killed on November 1 (GoFundMe)
Betsy Robles was killed on November 1 (GoFundMe)

WARNING: Graphic content, readers’ discretion advised.

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA: An investigation, as well as a search for an alleged killer, have been launched after a mother was killed while she was asleep with two children by her side. The unfortunate incident reportedly happened last Tuesday morning, November 1, when Betsy Robles was asleep with two young children tucked in with her, one of whom was her son.

According to Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco, the alleged murderer was a heavily-built man who entered the house in New Port Richey while donning a mask and dark clothes. He apparently knocked over the door and found a woman sleeping on the couch. He did not harm her and instead went inside the room where Robles was sleeping.


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Nocco stated: “The victim was lying in bed with two young children. The suspect points a gun directly at her, she sits up.” The sheriff also mentioned that the woman urged the alleged killer “don't shoot me” but he hit her twice. “For these young kids, I can imagine, they were out last night trick-or-treating. I can imagine they went to bed a little later like all the kids did last night, but... to be woken up; to have a suspect walk in, turn that light on, and shoot the person in the bed with them, it's horrific,” the officer added.

Authorities have urged people with any information related to the case to send their tips at, or they can call the Pasco County Sheriff's Office at (800) 706-2488. After the tragedy, Robles' best pal Marie Hicks spoke with WFLA-TV and remembered their friendship as “like two peas in a pod.” Hicks revealed, “Wherever you see me, you see her. She used to go way over beyond for my son until this day before she passed, she called him her first son because she practiced with him.”

The woman told the station: “She didn’t deserve this at all. She’s my sister,” as she noted, “I feel for her son. I feel for her. I try to picture what fear she felt at that moment. Just to know the trauma that these kids now have to live with. I can’t believe that someone will be so disgusting and cold-hearted to shoot a woman that’s defenseless in a bed with two children next to her.”

Hicks while referring to Robles also added, “All that girl did was go to work, visit her mother, go home, go to soccer with her kids. She was a soccer mom. That was her life. Her son was her life." Meanwhile, a GoFundMe has been started to help the victim’s family. The message on the fundraiser stated, “On November 1, 2022, a mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, and aunt was brutally and unexpectedly taken from her family. We mourn the loss of our beloved family and are perpetually filled with grief and sorrow. We are heavily leaning on each other for support. She was irreplaceable not only to us but also to her three-year-old son who is now without his mommy." The campaign statement added, “Because this was so unexpected and way too soon, the family is in need of assistance paying for the cost of her funeral and laying her to rest. Anything is appreciated and will be used to pay funeral costs.”