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'The Masked Singer' Season 8 Spoiler: Is Jordan Fisher the Walrus? Here are the clues

The Walrus is seen sporting a yellow raincoat-like dress with a seagull attached to its head
Walrus on 'The Masked Singer' Season 8  and singer Jordan Fisher (FOX/Instagram/@jordanfisher)
Walrus on 'The Masked Singer' Season 8 and singer Jordan Fisher (FOX/Instagram/@jordanfisher)

Walrus is one of the two new masked singers who are to be introduced in the '90s Night episode of 'The Masked Singer' Season 8. Presenting an all-yellow look on the floor, the Walrus mask has left everyone wondering who the celebrity singer could be. The masked singer will be seen competing with the last episode's winner Lambs and the upcoming new masked singer Milkshake.

Donning the simple yet sophisticated attire, Walrus will be seen jumping about and being all funny while performing on the stage. During this masked singer's performance, the dancers behind will keep rolling the yellow umbrella, bringing an rainy-season look to the stage. The '90s Night episode will feature Lance Bass from Nsync and Danielle Fishel from 'Boy Meets World' as the guest judge. In one of the released clips, Danielle is seen saying about the Walrus mask, "We got heartthrob on our hands, I believe." There are some hints that point to Jordan Fisher underneath the Walrus mask. Let us look at the clues.


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Clues for Walrus 

Walrus is seen wearing a yellow raincoat-like dress with red buttons and red stripes on the hand. Besides, the avatar sports yellow boots with red stripes on them, along with a hat of a similar color, with an attached seagull on top. Indeed, the walrus is giving a monsoon vibe.

The first clue FOX slipped us for the masked singer was a "fish." This could mean that the singer has a fish in his name or might have done a movie related to fish. Until now, there have not been many clues revealed about Walrus, but the upcoming episode will bring a whole package.


Is Jordan Fisher the Walrus?

Though the clues seem to hint at Jordan Fisher, there simply isn't enough information to confirm this. Jordan is an actor, singer, dancer, gamer, and musician. The first hint that could point us to Jordan is his last name - Fisher. The Alabama native started his career with Disney+ and Nickelodeon, which is his link to the '90s era. Moreover, the Walrus is brown in color, which could link it to him. 

A fan commented on 'The Masked Singer's released clip, saying, "Jordan Fisher." Another fan wrote, "Could this be Jordan Fisher?!" A 'Masked Singer' fanatic replied, "I JUST THINKING THE SAME THING." Well, some fans even believe the celebrity singer underneath Walrus' mask could be Lance Bass himself. However, it could be a stretch to think he is the masked singer and the celebrity guest at the same time.

While all the clues do point at Jordan Fisher, we will have to wait until the unmasking to see whether it is indeed him or not. We can't wait to see who is hiding underneath the Walrus mask, but until then we'll be looking for more clues that might confirm our guesses.

'The Masked Singer' Season 8 '90s Night episode is scheduled to release on Sunday, November 6 at 8 pm ET on FOX. Otherwise, the show releases new episodes every Wednesday.